What Is A Euro Mattress: Everything To Know

The answer to what is a Euro mattress is it pertains to a Euro top mattress. Please do not confuse it with a pillow top mattress, but you can read this article below to know more about their differences. It’s also worth checking the mattress if it is called a Euro mattress or a mattress with European size. 

If you’re still confused, here is where to buy European-size mattresses in the US to help you learn more about these unique sizes. 

what is a euro mattress


What Does A Euro Mattress Mean?

A Euro mattress is also called a Euro top mattress. You can compare it to a pillow top bed, and it’s also reasonable to consider it a type of pillow top because both beds have the same structural design. Like a pillow top, a Euro mattress also has an upper layer of padding that makes it plusher than your traditional mattress type. 

However, one can say that the Euro mattress is the more luxurious version of a pillow top bed. This is because it uses high-quality materials, so it’s also at a higher price point than a pillow top mattress. It even has a unique design where the soft layer is stitched on top of the bed, so the edges are flushed instead of having an indentation like in a pillow top bed. 


Euro top vs pillow top

  1. Pillow top mattresses are softer than Euro mattresses because there is no material between the plush top and the main mattress structure
  2. Pillow top mattresses are usually not as thick as Euro top mattresses, which means the latter is better for motion isolation
  3. Euro mattresses have a more technical design because the plush top is stitched underneath the cover; therefore they look more uniform and classy while also providing side support
  4. You can easily distinguish a Euro mattress from a pillow top mattress because it has no flap that is seen with pillow tops that have the extra cushioning sewn over the mattress
  5. The flush design of Euro top mattresses help with durability because it lessens the risk of shifting, unlike with pillow top beds that have a resulting indentation between the two materials

What Is The Difference Between Euro Top Pillow Top And Tight Top Mattresses?

While a Euro top mattress is quite similar to a pillow top mattress, both these beds are not the same as a tight top mattress. Instead of having an upper layer of cushioning, a tight top mattress uses a piece of fabric like cotton, polyester, or wool. This mattress is called “tight top” because the fabric layer is stretched across the top of the bed tightly. 

Another way to differentiate a Euro top and pillow top bed from a tight top is that the first two are plush and contouring because of the upper layer of cushion. On the contrary, a tight top mattress is firm because it doesn’t have that extra material at the top. However, you will also find plush tight top models that use a thicker soft layer. 


Are Euro Top Mattresses Firm?

Euro top mattresses are not firm, but pillow top mattresses are softer because the cushioning is sew on top rather than below the cover. You will also notice more sinkage when you lie on a pillow top than a Euro top. Another attribute that makes Euro mattress feel firmer is its cohesive structure and density. 

On the other hand, a pillow top is prone to shifting because the edges aren’t flushed. As a result, Euro top beds feel firm on the sides, unlike pillow tops that feel cushioned all over. So if you want a fluffy bed, opt for a pillow top, while those who would benefit from a dense mattress can go with a Euro top. 

If you don’t know how to select mattress firmness yet, please read our guide. Firmness is a crucial factor when choosing a mattress because it affects the ideal comfort and support for the user. 


How Thick Is A Euro Top Mattress?

A standard Euro top mattress is around three inches thick, and it is denser than a pillow top because of the lack of gap. Euro beds use more materials, but the flushed structure makes a pillow top look fluffier. Here are some tips to help you understand how thick should a mattress be to help you decide if a Euro top suits you. 


Can You Flip A Euro Top Mattress?

It’s more common to rotate a Euro top bed than flip it. This is because beds with cushioning at the top layer are usually one-sided only. This means they have a designated comfort layer at the top and a firmer supportive layer at the bottom. 

You risk deforming your Euro top mattress if you flip it because you’re using the softer materials at the bottom. 


And that’s it! To recap what is a Euro mattress, it is also called a Euro top bed. Like pillow tops, it has extra padding at the top, but it looks more stacked because of the flushed sides. Those who want something denser and not as sinking as pillow top can consider this type of mattress. 

We hope this article helped you learn more valuable facts about beds. Feel free to send us a question or use our extensive knowledge base. 

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