What Is A Drafting Chair: 3 Best Factors To Look For

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be tall? Well, indeed, drafting chairs know how. What is a drafting chair, you may ask? It is a chair specially intended for drawer tables or other high surfaces above typical desk height.

If you’re an artist, you may know that there are moments where you feel the need to have a chair that surely understands your needs. Since you spend a lot of your time drafting in your workstation, it all goes the same with your chair.

what is a drafting chair

It would help if you had a chair that allows you to adjust to get the perfect height, armrest, and ergonomic seating. A wooden chair may not be the best option for you if you prefer to work comfortably.

If your desk is in a high position, so should you. Here, we are giving you your ultimate guide in knowing what a drafting chair is, how it works, and what you need to consider before buying one.


What Is Drafting Chair?

It is a chair for users of drafting tables and other elevated surfaces that are higher than the standard office desk height. A draftsman’s chair is a tall piece of seating traditionally used by draftsmen to sit or stand on while sketching.

For typical drafting or operations with raised work areas, drafting chairs come in various shapes, colors, and height modifications. Seat backs, foot-support rings, and supplementary arms are all available on drafting chairs.

With the capacity to shift postures, artists, labs, and hospitals can create a comfortable and ergonomic work environment. Large, sloped portions of the table allow them to be quite tall, making them ideal for drafting.

You can work while standing at the table, but it is also convenient to sit down and take a break from standing while still being productive. A stool would be a great choice, and over time, those stools have been improved and adjusted to be good alternatives for sitting while drafting.

Drafting chairs are becoming larger these days. It is designed for folks who need to sit while working on their professional tasks. Today’s drafting chairs are essentially standard office chairs with a greater seat height and a footrest.


What Are Drafting Chairs Used For?

This is a chair made for individuals who work from drafting tables or desks at a higher elevation. Chairs are on the market in various shapes, colors, and variations in height for drafting with raised work surfaces. They also come in different types.

Drafting stools are specifically for engineers, drafting technicians, architects, laboratory workers, and other professionals who require long-lasting chairs resistant to wear and stains. They are made to assist people in sitting and bending forward more comfortably by providing accessible foot supports.

These characteristics, combined with modifying the height, allow these seats to operate well in practically any working environment when working at a reasonable height. In contrast, at a counter or drafting table, these types of seats allow you to be just as relaxed as you would be at a conventional desk.


How To Choose Your Drafting Chair


Seat height adjustment

Knowing the seat height is important in choosing your drafting chair. It is critical to understand the height of your worktop before selecting a specific chair. The standard drawing height is around 37″H, but the standard office height is approximately 30″H.

To be comfortable, be sure that your chair can be adjusted to the height and depth that you require for your workstation.


Adjustable footrest

It is also essential to consider the footrest of the drafting chair since most of them have one. The foot ring is the most commonly encountered footrest. It is typically a metal circle which wraps entirely around the chair’s frame. 



The primary limitation of drafting stools is that they are less adjustable than slightly cheaper office chairs. Before you purchase one, we want to tell you that there are some cases where customers are not satisfied due to its lack of functions.

Consider which features are most important to you in a drawing stool before beginning your search. Are you sure that this is what you exactly need?

Whatever it may be, be aware of what you look for. Prioritize chairs that meet your needs and avoid chairs that do not meet your requirements.



Lastly, consider the upholstery of the drafting chair. It would be beneficial if you were mindful of what you will choose — depending on your working environment. Factories and industrial work may opt for Urethanes and Vinyls. Meanwhile fabric, mesh, and leather are fit for the office environment.



We hope we were able to assist you in knowing what is a drafting chair. Remember to consider the four things we provided so you can choose what’s best for you.

Your options in choosing your drafting chair will vary depending on what you exactly need. It is essential to take note of these things as they may come in handy. Drafting chairs may not be for everyone, but consider some facts before buying one.

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