What Is A Double Bed In A Hotel? Awesome Facts To Know!

Today, we are going to answer your question about what is a double bed in a hotel.

You are probably confused about this, but bother no more because we are here to clear your mind.

what is a double bed in a hotel

In this reading, we will enlighten your confusion about the double beds.

The double bed is a term referred to as a bed for two people, not a twin or a literal double bed.

Moreover, the size of the double bed is unique.

Double beds are a bit larger than the typical beds yet narrower than the queen bed for a specific purpose.

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What A Does Double Bed In A Hotel Mean?

As you continue to wonder what is a double bed in a hotel, here are the description for you:

Double beds present in hotels are intentionally for the use of two people.

The side is not that huge and not that small as well.

The exact sizes of the double bed are smartly designed so the guests will feel comfortable in an adequately wide bed range and a spacy room.

Moreover, double beds are perfectly proportionate to a standardized size of a hotel room.

Thus, you don’t need to spend an expensive fee to acquire a relaxing stay.


Dimensions of Double Beds

As said above, double beds have unique features making them stand out from the rest of the beds in a hotel.

There are two kinds of double beds with different dimensions; one is a standard double bed and a small double bed.


Standard double beds

Standard double beds are ideal for two people like married or couple guests, especially when they prefer spacious hotel rooms.

The standard double bed has a width of four and a half feet and has a length of six feet and three inches, similar to the size of its mattress.


Small double beds

On the other hand, the small double bed is narrower compared to the standard one.

The small double beds’ width is four feet with the same length of 6 feet and 3 inches as the standard double bed.

These beds are ideally suited for one person to have extra bed space but can cater to two adults if necessary.


Why Double Beds Stands Out Among Other Beds

The following are the reasons why double beds are for best:

  • First, it fits perfectly well into most spaces due to its size, whereas a queen or king may be too large in many room sizes, specifically the recent ones.
  • Due to its popularity, double beds are more available in the market today. That is why even in homes, consumers prefer to buy this type of bed.
  • Double beds are less expensive yet have similar qualities compared to the queen or king bed sizes.
  • Ideal for minimalist interior designs.
  • Double beds are versatile to use.
  • These beds are suitable for newborn babies, kids, teenagers, singles, and couples.


History of Double Beds

You might also wonder how to double bed was first given attention and discovered.

Don’t worry because we will briefly discuss the history of double beds.

In the past decades, double beds are intentionally for unfortunate families who can not afford to buy individual beds.

It is highly different from the purpose of the double bed now that is for married or for two people.

During the 1800s, to have a double bed, slaves from Greece labor harder to gather few bamboo sticks.

In the 1900s, double beds were presents and a gift for a newly wedded couple of royal and wealthy families in society.

These centuries were the stereotype about double beds had started.

In the 1950s, double beds were considered an explicit word symbolizing human sex and lust.

That is why most couples have decided to sleep away from each other, thus, reducing the population for decades.

On the other hand, later during the 1960s to the 1070s, married couples started sleeping beside each other again.

Killing out the stereotypes about the double bed.

In the 1980s, double beds are used typically by individuals who can afford them.

The sizes of this bed are starting to be consistent.

Later on, from the 1990s to the 2000s, many Americans have popularized the benefits of double beds.

In addition, many entrepreneurs have also enhanced the market strategy, creating a good image towards the double beds.

As of now, the most accommodated hotel guests prefer to have a room with double beds sizes for several reasons.


Final Words

There are always few terms that can leave us confused about their accurate meaning.

And worse, get stuck in our heads resulting in deep questioning.

Therefore, searching for the perfect article about it is a must.

Like the term “double beds,” which does not mean directly like the way it sounds.

We hope we satisfyingly answered your query “what is a double bed in a hotel”.

It is a pleasure to help you end your confusion.

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