What Is A Cot Bed? 5 Best Reasons To Get Yours!

What is a cot bed? Cot beds are cots for toddlers that can be converted to short or low beds by removing the side rails and end panels.

The rails are used for protection and keeping the baby from falling out of the bed.

What is a cot bed

These also come with height adjustable mattresses suitable for both newborns and toddlers.

The transition period from babies growing to be toddlers requires more space for the child to move around.

The mattress of a cot bed can be lowered giving more freedom of movement.

The world of babies is not an easy one to navigate especially for first-time parents.

Choosing the right bed for your baby is an exciting and difficult task with all the options available.

Still unsure whether or not you should purchase a cot bed for your newborn or toddler?

If selecting this nursery furniture is driving you nuts, we are here to help you.

Let’s journey together to break your confusion and make the best decision for your toddler’s bedtime.

Shall we?


What A Cot Bed Is: The Difference Between Cots And Cot Beds

Cots and cot beds are often used interchangeably.

It is important to know the difference between the two in making purchases.

So, what is a cot bed?

A cot bed is wider than a cot.

Cots are also relatively cheaper since they don’t have the same convertible features as cot beds.

Cots can be used from birth until six months.

On the other hand, cot beds can be upgraded into sofas and can last for a year longer.

It can also be used by babies from birth until five years of age.

Cot beds can be adjusted according to the growth and development of the toddler.


Why Do You Need A Cot Bed?

Here are the reasons why you need a cot bed:


#1. Cost-effective

Though cot beds are relatively more expensive compared to cots, cot beds can be used by your child up to his or her toddler stage.

It can save you from buying another separate bed for your toddler when he or she outgrew her cot.


#2. Convertible

The cot bed adapts to the needs of your child as he or she grows.

The detachable rail sides can upgrade your enclosed cot bed to a toddler-size bed.

This allows your child to enjoy more freedom of moving around.

You can likewise adjust the height of the mattress depending upon the growth of your child.

Moving the mattress’s height higher gives you a space for storage below the cot bed where you can place your baby’s supplies.


#3. Ease of transition

With cot beds, you have the option of removing only one side rail in case your baby is not yet prepared for more open space.

This makes a smooth transition for your child from having an enclosed bed to a regular open bed since your child is already used to a cot bed without sides.

By the time you’re child is already good for bigger and wider beds, he or she will feel comfortable.


#4. Lasts longer

Cot beds can be used as cots for newborns and convertible beds for toddlers.

It can be used up until the age of five.

In case your baby has outgrown the cot bed, it can be transformed into a sofa.

So it’s not wasted at all, right?


#5. Got more space

Another thing that baby hates aside from being hungry is not having enough space to do their acrobatics.

Cot beds are larger than cots.

It measures 140 cm by 70 cm on average.

This dimension provides enough space for your baby’s activities like rolling, stretching, and turning.


How To Choose A Cot Bed?

After deciding you will buy a cot bed, the next concern is what kind of cot bed you will buy.

There are various available options of cot beds in the market with different styles, prices, and, designs.

It is important to make sure what bed best suits your baby’s needs.

Even adults want the most comfortable bed in the house.

Much more does a baby who sleeps for about 18 hours a day!

Fortunately, we have some tips about this we can share with you.

A cot bed is more suitable for rooms with substantial space, otherwise, it might be better to purchase a cot instead.

If you plan to purchase second-hand cot beds, it is very important to consider safety concerns

Ensure the reliability of the hinges of the rails and the structural integrity of the wood.


What Are The Cons Of Cot Beds?

There are a lot of promising things about cot beds.

However, it is also necessary to point out the disadvantages of purchasing a cot bed.

Check the list prepared below and identify which applies to your situation.


#1. Small age gap

Cot beds are primarily designed for only one baby or babies with a big age gap.

If you have babies with a small age gap, both of them can share the same bed.

By the time you have your next baby, your first child is still not big enough to outgrow his or her cot.

In this case, buying a cot bed is not cost-effective.


#2. Too large

Babies have different rates of growth and development.

A cot bed may be too big for your baby.

For this reason, some parents opt to purchase cot or beds smaller than cot beds to match their babies’ size and growth.


What Are Other Alternatives To Cot Beds?

If ever you decided that you will not purchase a cot bed for your baby, don’t worry for we got your back.

Enumerated below are other options you can choose from for your baby furniture.

  • Co-sleepers
  • Cots
  • Floor beds
  • Moses basket
  • Cribs or Bassinets


The Takeaway

What is a cot bed?

Choosing the right bed for your baby is a task that is mostly dependent upon personal preferences.

A cot bed is a convertible bed with removable panels on the sides.

You can choose a cot bed or other alternatives based on varying reasons.

The choice you make must be the best for your baby.

Want to read more about cot beds?

You can get more information here.

Thanks for your time!