What Is A Commode Chair: 6 Helpful Features And Extra Tips

A person’s mobility issues hamper him from moving and doing vital activities freely, such as using the toilet. It’s when he recognizes what is a commode chair.

The commode chair is popular medical equipment helpful for patients who suffer moving from one place to another. People who commonly use this type of chair are the elderly, recovering patients, or even young children who cannot reach the toilet independently.

In this article, we will mention the remarkable features that all good commode chairs share. More so, we’ll provide you a guide on choosing the best toilet seat and, of course, cleaning hacks and tips.


Commode Chair Basic Features and Functions

A commode chair is also called a toilet seat and has the same purpose as a shower chair. To help persons with disabilities muster their confidence, and assure safety and convenience whenever using the toilet alone or with another person’s guidance.

This type of chair has features that make it one of the best aides for persons with a limited capacity of moving, thus restrained from walking themselves to the toilet room. A commode seat can be a bedside type or a mobile one easily transferred and attached to a regular flush toilet.



A removable receptacle or bucket is one of the best features of a commode chair. This pot is located beneath the toilet seat and catches and serves as the reservoir of body waste. It is emptied and disinfected after every use.


Toilet seat and toilet lid

The toilet seat of the commode chair indeed serves the same function as the ordinary toilet. It is where the patient can sit comfortably and use the faux toilet basin. The toilet lid, on the other hand, provides a cover for the toilet seat’s hole.



The wheels enable the easy transferability of the commode chair into one corner of the room to save space or into the toilet area. These rolls have locks to ensure a stable and safe stance for the chair.


Adjustable rails

This frame encompasses the legs and other joints of the commode chair. Through an adjustable rail, you can alter the chair height to the comfort of the user. Cylindrical hollow irons make up the chair frame.


Covered feet

This feature allows the chair to get a grip on the floor and avoid slipping through its rubberized ends.



Users can have more comfort in using the chair if they hold or relax their arms onto something. It can also give them more security when taking the toilet.


What Are The Different Types Of Commode Chairs?

There are varieties of commode chairs, but typically all of them embody the same features mentioned above. Here, we name the types of commode chairs that can help you choose what to purchase.


1. Standard bedside commode

This type has no wheels and is intended to be situated only by the bedside but is lightweight and portable, so you can also keep it at another corner.


2. Commode with adjustable arms

It is the same as the standard one besides the armrest design of the chair. The armrest is removable to allow easy transfer of the user from the bed or wheelchair.


3. Raised toilet seat

This one doesn’t have a removable receptacle. It is placed over the regular toilet seat and used to support the user while using the standard toilet.


4. Shower wheelchair commode

This multipurpose-type commode chair is made from water-resistant materials to allow usage in the shower aside from the toilet. It also comes with wheels along with the latch.


5. Bariatric commode

This type is tailored and designed especially for individuals having mobility difficulties due to heavy body weight. That said, it is the type that can carry over 300 pounds and is much sturdier than the basic ones.


How To Properly Clean A Commode Chair?

Commode chairs are certainly helpful equipment, but to sustain their functions, you must regularly clean them. They are also easy targets of bacteria and germs, making it necessary to clean them after each use.

To do it, ensure first to secure your hands with plastic or rubber gloves. Then, remove the receptacle from the seat and empty its contents into a flush toilet.

Scrub the bucket with a disinfectant soap and rinse it with water. Let it dry upside down.

Next is to clean the chair’s toilet seat and rails with sanitizing wipes or a cloth dampened with a disinfectant you used for the bucket. You can also deep clean the chair by first running it on hot water. Then, spray it with a disinfectant or by pouring and brushing a mixture of half-part vinegar and two-part water and air-drying it.



Now there is no doubt that you have already recognized what is a commode chair and the safety and convenience it provides to the user. You have, as well, identified its basic features, types, and caring tips. Additionally, you may consider buying disposable and odor-neutralizer liners that fit into the bucket to save you from a pesky and frequent cleaning.

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