What Is A Chiavari Chair? 4 Unique And Helpful Features

What is a Chiavari chair, you ask? If you’ve been to at least one formal event, the chance that you’ve stumbled upon a Chiavari chair is high. These chairs are a favorite when it comes to occasions that scream elegance and sophistication.

If you are looking for the perfect furniture to add to your next event, then this chair might be the one. Find out more about them in this article!


What Are Chiavari Chairs?

Chiavari (ke-a-va’re) chairs are known specifically for their bamboo-like signature look carved into the chair’s frame. This resemblance made it one of the most popular furniture on weddings, graduation, gala, and other occasions with semi-casual formal attire dress code.

Some people also call them Tiffany chairs. Many see this furniture as a chic and classic piece, so there’s no doubt why they are in demand.

The popularity of Chiavari chairs skyrocketed after they were seen in John and Jackie Kennedy’s wedding reception in the year of 1953. This chair has been the most requested furniture for weddings and other related occasions since that event.

Chiavari chairs are originally from Chiavari, Italy. The creator and designer Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi built this chair after the Economic Society of Chiavari president requested it for their facility.

It became a well-known design instantly and was even gifted to Pope Leo XIII in 1892. It was also used in Queen Victoria’s dining halls in the palace during her reign.


Why Are They So Popular?

There are plenty of reasons why Chiavari chairs are so popular, and these are the ones that stood out the most:


1. Sophisticated appearance

Chiavari chair’s real success dwells on the way they look. They are primarily famous for weddings, and most brides specifically ask for them due to their charming aesthetic and exquisite features. The chair doesn’t have armrests, but you can accessorize them with ribbons, bows, and cut-out fabrics.


2. Ergonomic design

Another reason why Chiavari chairs are the perfect choice for events is their ergonomic design. They are comfortable, and you can even add cushions to them for softer seating. The chair structure has narrow frames and can accommodate more people at a table than any other event chair.


3. Convenient

Chiavari chairs are lightweight, which makes them the best option for transportation, catering, and parties. Despite their frame structure, these chairs are stackable and easy to move from one place to another. Events services providers don’t have any problems with these because their elegant designs don’t compromise their convenience.


4. Versatile

What’s great about these chairs is they are pretty adaptable to the given setting. You can use them in either casual or formal events. You can also choose the way they look based on how you plan to dress them up accordingly using fabrics and ribbons.

The most common events you can see them in are:

  • Parties – Parties like formal birthday celebrations, awarding, corporate party, and a promenade use Chiavari chairs to blend with the surroundings’ theme.
  • Caterings – Catering services also use Chiavari chairs on most occasions. Besides being elegantly appealing, they also provide more spaces to sit within tables.
  • Restaurant dining – Most restaurants with a high-class setting take advantage of the Chiavari chair’s tasteful display. You can drag these chairs across rooms or wherever they are needed.

Chiavari chairs are also available in various colors depending on the material they are made up of. Their popularity made them one of the top furniture choices even for high-profile events such as Oscars and VIP weddings.


What Are Chiavari Chairs Made Of?

The material of furniture to be used on a particular event is essential and needs a proper amount of attention than it usually gets. With this in mind, it is necessary to know the different materials Chiavari chairs are made to know which ones to get for your next event.

  • Wood

Wooden Chiavari chairs are perfect for events going for a more rustic theme. They also have a distinct old-fashion feel to them, so they suit traditional occasions very well. The wood stains and grains might come in variations, but you can always use wood finishes to get your desired look.

Wooden Chiavari chairs can assist a capacity of around 450 to 1,000 lbs.

  • Aluminum

What’s excellent about aluminum Chiavari chairs is that they are durable and scratch-resistant. They are great for catering services that bring their furniture to every place they have an event. However, most aluminum Chiavari chairs require a plywood-based cushion to prevent the chair from warping.

Aluminum Chiavari chairs can take around 1,000 lbs.

  • Resin

Resin is a highly durable material, making it the most popular material for Chiavari chairs. Due to the demand, they tend to be sold at a higher cost.

They are mostly colored throughout, but you can also get them in clear ones. A resin Chiavari chair can accommodate a maximum of 1,000 lbs.

To find the most durable material for the Chiavari chair, check its quality and the manufacturer’s reliability. It’s better to opt for a factory-assembled chair to guarantee a more heavy-duty structure and build.



Chiavari chairs are one of the best options if you’re looking for furniture that will suit any occasion. Their popularity is understandable, and there’s no reason why you should not choose this.

Now that you’ve got the answers to your question ”what is a Chiavari chair”, you don’t have to think twice anymore. Just keep in mind to check its quality, flexibility, construction, and affordability to ensure you’re with the best one.

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