What Is A Chair Massage? 5 Helpful Benefits For Our Body

Read on to know what is a chair massage and what we can benefit from it.

One of the most stressful places, if not the most, is the workplace. We always want a coffee break to energize and to recharge us. If you’re lucky enough, a corporate chair massage would definitely do the trick.

what is a chair massage

A chair massage is a specially tailored chair for massaging. Although, this is different from those vibrating chairs that you sit on.

This chair uses a technique of relieving muscular strain through manual management. A chair massage also has a leaning forward support. It is ergonomically designed to support the head, torso, arms and legs, and it also folds up for easy portability.


Benefits Of A Chair Massage

A chair massage is not only an equipment to release muscle tensions, it also has benefits that would significantly improve one’s life and workplace.


1. Increases blood circulation throughout the system

This chair helps in releasing and pushing certain pressures, stimulating blood flow and bringing a better supply of blood throughout the body.


2. Lowers blood pressure

It also stimulates the lymphatic tissue, which carries out and flushes the toxins away from the body. This process decreases the toxicity level of the body.


3. Provides a better quality of sleep

A chair massage eases muscular tension, causing more comfort and relaxing the body for improved sleep.


4. Improves physical flexibility

This chair also frees the muscles, helping the body become more resilient by increasing its range of motion.


5. Supports immune system

A regular massage releases endorphins or the feel-good hormone that relieves harmful stress. The positive effect of endorphins is beneficial to the immune system.


Actual Body Massage

Depending on the client’s body and area of concern, there may be some restrictions on an actual massage. Prolonged sitting or longer periods of standing require a specific massage to help deal with tension pains.

Extensive work and lengthy periods of routine physical activities causes joint and muscle knotting that can lead to discomfort. This should not be left untreated because it can have long-term damage.

Using a chair massage will help maintain a better quality of life. However, there are some conditions that may aggravate the pain and contradict the use of a chair massage.

Localized pain, such as sprains, can be dealt with by a practitioner. On the other hand, pain associated with fever may be a cause of concern that should be dealt with by a medical professional.


Head Massage

Lengthy periods focusing on computer screens may contribute to tension headaches. Discomfort in the cranial area can add up to daily stress and cause overtime fatigue if left untreated. During chair massage, this area is stimulated to help relieve the pain.


Hand Massage 

Misaligned joints in the hands may be caused by constant typing or writing down of notes. This misalignment usually generates blinding pain, preventing us from doing significant activities. Our hands are very important in accomplishing daily tasks and routines, so treating them accordingly is necessary.


Shoulder Massage

Mistreated shoulder muscles may also restrict our overall movements. Pain coming from the nape down to the arms causes discomfort that limits certain activities. Having a massage focused on the shoulder area will improve our upper body functions.


Back Massage

Back pain is one of the most annoying things that can automatically disrupt our productivity. Common causes of back pain are bad posture and poor foot support.

Too much physical activity plus improper bending and lifting contributes greatly to back muscle pains. This should be addressed immediately to improve mobility and general body functions.


Tips On Taking Care Of A Chair Massage

After usage, a chair massage should also be treated with care. Make sure to clean it well with a clean, damp fabric.

Since chair massage does not require its users to take off his/her clothes, it is more hygienic and does not need a specified fabric cleaner for cleaning. Simply sweep out any dirt with a clean cloth, and you’re good to go.

Make sure that a chair massage stands on a level ground to avoid obstructions. Broken or cracked floors may not make the chair massage stay in place.

Position a chair massage in a place where there is enough room to move around. Massaging in a limited space may restrict movements that will ineffectively attend to its purpose. Right positioning of a chair massage will lead to a more relaxed massage time.



A chair massage may not be an essential to one’s life since it is deemed as a luxury for others. However, the purpose of it is not a luxury at all.

It basically serves as an instrument to one’s well-being. It helps not only on the physical aspect of a person, but more so on our overall mental health.

All of us continuously look for ways to improve our quality of life. A chair massage may seem unimportant at first, but the vitality it provides will certainly make up for that thought.

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