What Is A Cervical Pillow. What You Need To Know

If you’re curious about a cervical pillow, it’s simply a pillow meant to support the head and prevent neck pain. From the name itself, cervical, this type of pillow targets the neck region and minimizes its pressure. One can even classify neck roll pillows as cervical pillows. 

We must always maintain a good posture while sleeping. However, a common issue we face is neck pain because it’s also typical that we overlook its alignment with the rest of the body. Find out more about this therapeutic pillow and how it can help you below. 


Cervical Pillow: What Makes Them Special?

What is a cervical pillow?

Let’s start first by identifying what a cervical pillow is. From the name itself, this pillow focuses on supporting the neck region. However, it’s worth noting that there are different forms of cervical pillows in the market, which means there is no definite shape for a cervical pillow. 

Some cervical pillows have an ergonomic shape, curves, or indentations to support the head and alleviate the neck pressure simultaneously. This makes the cervical pillow ideal for relieving neck pain or even preventing it altogether. You can consider the cervical pillow a therapeutic pillow as well, and you can add it to your other pillows while sleeping. 

Indeed, studies have proven that using a cervical pillow decreases neck pain. The emphasis is necessary to find the ideal type to get the most of this product. Remember that you aim to have a neutral spine during sleep and avoid deviation on the neck. 


How does a cervical pillow help for neck pain?

As mentioned earlier, the cervical pillow supports the head and relieves the neck pressure by keeping it aligned with the rest of the body. With the correct cervical pillow, you can avoid neck pain and maintain the ideal neutral sleeping posture. However, you must first consider your sleeping position and use it to select the cervical pillow for you.


How to sleep with a cervical pillow correctly?

If you sleep on your back, find a cervical pillow with medium thickness or loft. This way, your neck is still aligned with the lower body. You should also check if your neck arches forward and select the cervical pillow with a shape to prevent this deviation. 

On the other hand, you will benefit the most from a thick cervical pillow if you sleep on your side. This is because you aim to keep the ears level with your shoulders in this position. If your neck extends in either direction on your side, you risk putting pressure on it that can lead to neck pain. 

Finally, sleeping on your stomach is probably the worst position for your neck. Remember that your neck turns too far away from the body when you choose this position. To keep the neck in a neutral position, choose a thin cervical pillow, and add another under your shoulder for spine alignment. 


What To Consider When Choosing A Cervical Pillow


Pillow structure

With the various cervical pillows in the market, you’ll come across different shapes to choose from. Pillows like Tempurpedic have a unique form meant to relieve pressure in the neck region. You can also select a smaller cervical pillow to fill the gap between the neck and mattress, as this helps with neck pain. 

The loft or height of the pillow can also be influential in sleep comfort. After all, the height dictates the angle of your head from your spine. Find the cervical pillow that doesn’t bend your neck at an awkward angle but still supports your head and shoulders to align the whole body. 


Comfort and support

The final factor to consider when choosing a cervical pillow is how comfortable and supportive it is. The pillow should have the ideal firmness to your head and sleeping position. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be too stiff or soft to help take the strain off the neck and keep it elevated with the rest of the body.

The pillow’s material can also play a role in your overall comfort. The pillow should be soft and breathable to prevent skin irritation and discomfort from heat retention. While memory foam is popular for cervical pillows, you must still select the one that would feel the coziest for you. 


What is the worst pillow for neck pain?

It would be impossible to select a specific pillow that would worst neck pain. Every sleeping position varies in the ideal pillow to support the neck and relieve its pressure. However, avoid pillows that are very soft since they can sink your head further and put the neck at an awkward angle



If you experience neck pain or want to ensure a good sleeping posture, it’s essential to use a cervical pillow. So what is a cervical pillow? It is a pillow with curves, indentation, or a specific shape meant to support the head and alleviate pressure in the neck. 

You can use it as your primary sleeping pillow to maintain a neutral spine and keep the neck level with the other body parts. However, it would be best to find the most fitting cervical pillow for you. There are many types in the market, so always do your research or test a product to ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep with your cervical pillow.