What Is A Cash Bar At A Wedding: Pros And Cons

It’s simple to answer what is a cash bar at a wedding because it is at the name itself. A cash bar means the guests will “cash in” or pay for their own drinks. 

We will talk about this type of approach for the wedding bar and if it’s acceptable. We will also compare it to an open bar. 

what is a cash bar at a wedding

Do you know that you can also learn how to serve alcohol at a wedding without a bartender? This is another excellent way to stay within the budget for the wedding bar since you won’t need to hire a bartender to man the bar. 


What Is A Cash Bar At A Wedding And Is It For You?

A cash bar means that the guests will pay for their own drinks. This is also why the cash bar is sometimes called a no-host bar since no one is responsible for paying for all the drinks in the wedding bar. 

As long as the guests pay for their own drink, you can consider the bar a cash bar. However, nowadays, more and more couples are choosing to get a cash bar than a hosted bar, especially when they’re on a budget. 

This approach will also allow guests to get as much drinks as they want. However, some argue having a cash bar instead of an open bar at a wedding will be tacky. 


Pros of a cash bar

  • Ideal for couples who are limited with their wedding budget
  • The guests won’t feel limited with their options
  • Prevents the abuse of an open bar where some guests might overindulge in alcohol
  • Keep guests in check with their alcohol intake since they’re paying for it


Cons of a cash bar

  • Some guests might find a cash bar tacky since they have to pay for their own drink
  • Some guest might expect an open bar and did not bring money with them


Is It Rude To Have A Cash Bar At A Wedding?

It’s not rude to have a cash bar at a wedding, but there are instances where it might not be a tasteful approach. There are many considerations to tackle as this is not a simple yes or no question. 


Some couples have a limited wedding budget 

A cash bar at a wedding is not tacky, especially if you and your significant other must cut costs to get the wedding and reception you like. If you believe that your guests will have an enjoyable time anyway, it’s acceptable to have a cash bar. 


You want to keep your guests in check

Some people might drink too much and abuse an open bar. You don’t want guests being irresponsible or getting into troubles because they overindulged on alcohol. 


The wedding is more than just free drinks

If the guests pay for their own drinks, likely, they won’t have too much alcohol. Furthermore, as a guest, you are attending a wedding to celebrate and show your support to the couple and not to get drunk.  


Be considerate for guests who traveled

If your guests paid for their own travel expenses, allocate a cash bar budget. It’s only tasteful to provide the food and drinks of your guests when they make an effort to attend your wedding. 

Regarding destination weddings, read who pays for a destination wedding since it’s the most expensive type of wedding.


How Do You Tell Guests They Are A Cash Bar?

You can mention that you have a cash bar on your wedding by putting it on your wedding website. Make sure that your friends and family also spread the word so that the guests won’t be surprised at the reception.

If the guests are prepared, they’re less likely to think it’s tacky to have a cash bar. They will also bring the money for drinks rather than knowing it at the wedding only where they might not have money with them. 


Does Cash Bar Mean Cash Only?

Contrary to what some might assume, a cash bar doesn’t mean that it only accepts cash or paper bills. It will also receive cards for payment as a cash bar only pertains that the host will not cover the cost like in an open bar. 

But as a wedding guest, make sure that you also bring some singles with you as you will tip the bartender. Speaking of tips, read how much to tip your wedding makeup artist


What Is The Difference Between Open Bar And Cash Bar?

A cash bar means that the host won’t pay for the costs, while an open bar means free drinks for the guests. However, depending on the liquors and alcoholic drinks available at the open bar, you may need to pay $4,000 or higher for it. 

Another option for the couple is to have a host bar at the wedding. You’ll only pay for the alcohol consumed at the end of the night compared to an open bar, where the rate is usually based on the time.



Was this article helpful? We just found out what is a cash bar at a wedding, which is where the guests will pay for their own drinks. 

It shouldn’t be rude unless the guests spend on travel to attend and if you’ve mentioned it on your wedding website. After all, it’s okay to be practical, and the wedding is more than just free drinks. 

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