What Is A Buckwheat Pillow? Things That You Should Know!

With lots of pillows available in the market, have you ever thought what is a buckwheat pillow? Pads are everywhere, in bedrooms, living rooms, cars, and even in your office.

Personally, sleep will never be complete without any pillows to use.

what is a buckwheat pillow

Cushions are made of soft materials that give comfort and help you somehow relax and feel at ease. Pads are needed when you are travelling or having a hard time sleeping.

Pillows could be in any shape, form, or material you would wish to. As long as it serves its purpose, there will be no problem at all.

These are commonly made with polyester as stuffing. Some use feathers too.

But then again, I believe that the most common and high-quality pillows are made of polyester.

Do you know that there are pillows made with buckwheat stuffing inside?

Do you have any idea of how does this differs from the natural polyester pillow you are using?


What A Buckwheat Pillow Is

Only a few people might know about buckwheat pillows. Curious about how does this gets into the market and has good reviews? Stay tuned!

According to my research, the Japanese first found buckwheat pillows in their area. They call this their traditional pillow.

This buckwheat pillow is handy, and it has a lot of benefits.

Believe it or not, buckwheat pillows, work so well with the back, neck, and shoulders where pain usually occur when you sleep.

Resting on buckwheat pillows helps you ease out this pain.

This pillow is filled with buckwheat seeds, and it provides a stringy compression, but then again, it is firm enough to use to help you sleep.

Since this pillow is naturally made, you can adjust it on how you want your pillow to feel.

You can fold it in or change the filling by gently compressing one side of the pillow.

This buckwheat pillow is trendy nowadays, not only in Japan but all over the world.

As you can see, it was adopted by other nationalities due to its very complex yet good quality condition.


Buckwheat seed as filling

Aren’t you intrigued by the word “wheat” on its name?

Well, buckwheat is a seed shaped like a grain. Buckwheat is usually found only on this continent, and that is in Asia.

Buckwheat is a tree and fruit-bearing one; this is where the buckwheat seed is covered by a shell that serves as a casing to protect it as it grows.

This fruit is not edible, but this serves as the pillow filling your buckwheat pillows, making it last a bit longer than regular pads you can buy in the supermarkets before like the polyester one.

As mentioned, these fruits are covered in a shell, which means you have to break it and get the seed off the hull and the husk.

It is washed and dried before it is filled on a bag before covered with a silk or cotton type of pillowcase.

Buckwheat is now planted worldwide, in all the seven continents in the world.

The demand for these buckwheat trees that bears fruit rose when the buckwheat pillow became famous.

A lot of companies are now interested in buying buckwheat seeds, especially pillow makers.

These are suitable investments, mostly because they help farmers earn a lot more than they used to.

Does this pillow have benefits?

I was wondering why this pillow became famous. Well, I found out because it is made naturally and durable.

Due to its raw material, it may last longer than the market pillows we buy and see most of the time.

It can also help you sleep better and rest on what position you genuinely desire due to its material.

It means that you can sleep comfortably and not wake up with a refreshed feeling.

This buckwheat pillow is safe for pillow insects that are usually found in your pillows.

The material will not be bugged, so, you don’t need to worry that something might disturb you in your sleep.


What is the downfall of buying one?

Since the buckwheat pillow became known, many people are copying and selling these so-called buckwheat pillows but came out differently after a reasonable usage time.

These pillows should last from 5 – 10 years depending on how you handle them and how often you use your pad.

A friendly reminder, no matter how good your buckwheat pillow’s quality is if it falls to a careless person’s hand, it will not last long, so take good care of it.

So, what is a buckwheat pillow? It is a pad filled with buckwheat seed that is ideal for those who suffer neck or back pain.



Buckwheat pillows are known nowadays. This pillow has a lot of benefits and purposes. It can help you a lot, so investing in it would be the right choice.

Now that we have answered, “what is a buckwheat pillow?” I hope that you’ll be able to purchase yours too.

Remember, choose wisely you may buy online if you prefer to.

Just see sites that sell buckwheat pillows or make sure to find good quality if it is available in your area.