What Is A Broda Chair? A Helpful Guide And Detailed Facts

As care facilities and clinics are tasked with juggling plenty of obligations, knowing what is a broda chair can definitely help you. A broda chair is a wheelchair that provides assistance tilt-in-space positioning chair functionality to people who sit all day.

We know the struggle of searching for a chair that fits a long term medical care, especially when there is seemingly a long list of possible one’s you can choose. It can be hard to make a decision when you don’t have any prior knowledge on the products you see.

Broda chairs pressure release and air flow for improved sitting comfort and support. In addition to providing excellent comfort and ergonomic design, broda chairs are also beneficial for people requiring long term care.

Moreover, these chairs are designed to provide safe and secure positioning without using restraints or other devices. It is a good option to consider purchasing as this chair functions in ways that can help you or family members who need it.

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Who Needs A Broda Chair?

A chair is only handy if it meets the needs of an individual who is sitting in it, so take into account how the chair can meet all of those needs. To determine whether a broda chair is appropriate for a resident, a qualified caregiver who is familiar with the resident’s seating requirements must assess the situation. They are also residents who are diagnosed with mild to medium levels of care.

Using the appropriate product, for example, a person’s fear of falling can be alleviated while also increasing their tolerance for sitting. Improved support and comfort result in better posture, which helps to reduce restlessness, the need to move the body through the day, and the risk of injury.

Wheelchair users require stable seating in order to direct their body. This is because lower-quality seating is not capable of evenly distributing pressure as needed. Several of the objectives that the right chair should achieve, as well as the features that will provide the most comfort and safety, are determined by your loved one’s or the resident’s specific condition.


How Do You Use A Broda Chair?


Chair position

Once the resident has been transferred into a chair, determine the amount of tilt that is necessary. We recommend that the seat of the chair be tilted moderately to minimize potential of the resident from sliding or falling forward off the chair. The level of seat tilt that should be used must be measured by the resident’s caregiver who is in charge of seating.


Seat tilt position

Before operating the seat tilt, always double-check that the resident is properly positioned in the chair. You only need to place your right hand on the bar to support movement, and your left hand on the tilt handle to control the tilt. Tilt the seat back up or down until the preferred angle is acquired.


Chair location

This chair should only be used in a controlled environment to prevent untrained residents, caregivers and third parties from performing unauthorized operations, moving the chair, or engaging in potentially hazardous behaviors such as sitting or leaning on the reclined back, elevated footrest, or armrests. The consequences of these actions, if they are not prevented, include the chair tipping over or being damaged.


Lock wheel breaks

Broda chairs are equipped with total lock brakes, which help stop the wheels from trying to turn or swiveling in any direction. When the chair is not in use, or when a resident is being moved into or out of the chair, the brakes should always be applied to the chair.


How Much Does A Broda Chair Cost?

Wheelchairs that are cheaper at the beginning are only less expensive as a result of their lower quality. Such types of basic equipment frequently involves the addition of expensive additional padding, cushions, and add-ons before they can even begin to provide proper help and durability to users.

Broda chair prices depend on the type of wheelchair that you will purchase. This also depends on the needs and specific condition of the resident or patient. You may ask a healthcare worker regarding these matters.

You may spend at least $600 on a broda chair if you need it immediately. However, as we have mentioned, cheap chairs will not last and might even raise some problems. It might become uncomfortable along the run and the chair’s function is to help the patient for a long term. It might be advisable to purchase a broda chair that is of quality.



We hope we were able to guide you in the things you need to know on what is a broda chair. When it comes to healthcare, there are benefits of knowing what you are purchasing.

Knowing how it works and the basic information about it can help you in deciding. If the chair you are buying does not provide comfortability and may leave you or your family member at risk, maybe it’s time to consider buying high quality ones.

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