What Is 8th Wedding Anniversary: Symbols And Gifts

Those who want to know what is 8th wedding anniversary can use its symbol as a clue. Eight years of marriage is called the bronze anniversary, so you can also consider bronze gifts as gifts for this wedding anniversary. 

We will also discuss the other symbols related to this marriage milestone to give you more gift ideas. And for couples who lasted twice as long, you can refer to what is the gift for the 16th wedding anniversary

what is 8th wedding anniversary


What Is The 8th Wedding Anniversary Called?

The 8th wedding anniversary is the bronze wedding anniversary as it’s named after its traditional symbol. Bronze marriage is the perfect term for eight years of marriage because bronze is a durable material

It is also thought to represent support, a crucial component of a lasting marriage. However, you may also find some references calling the 8th wedding anniversary the pottery wedding anniversary as its alternative symbol. 

While pottery is not as strong as bronze, one can relate its moldability and beauty to a healthy relationship. Remember these symbols when finding a gift for your 8th wedding anniversary. 


Are 8 years of marriage special?

All wedding anniversaries are remarkable, and the 8th wedding anniversary is not an exception. Furthermore, the average marriage in the US only lasts for under eight years, so any couple married for eight years, or longer is already breaking the statistics.

So if you are celebrating eight years of marriage, please exert an effort and do something sentimental with your spouse. Try and look back on your best memories together and all the trials you’ve overcome.

You can also host a wedding anniversary party with friends and family. And while the 8th wedding anniversary is not considered a major marriage milestone that is celebrated grandly, you can still travel to a particular place or do something extravagant. 


What Is The Traditional Gift For The 8th Wedding Anniversary?


Traditional 8th wedding anniversary gift

The traditional 8th wedding anniversary gift is bronze, but you can be creative and give items based on tin and copper, the metal components of bronze. You also don’t have to limit yourself to providing your spouse with bronze items because there are different bronze-inspired activities and travels you can try together. 


Modern 8th wedding anniversary gift

The modern 8th wedding anniversary gift is pottery. This leads to many decorative and functional gift ideas you can give each other to celebrate eight years together or consider signing up for a pottery class and making a customized and sentimental pottery item. 


8th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

  • Bronze wood cologne
  • Bronze table
  • Bronze-colored sandals
  • Personalized bronze plaque
  • Bronze cufflinks
  • Pottery shave soap bowl


8th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

  • Bronze jewelry
  • Bronzer
  • Bronze organizer
  • Bronze-colored coffee mug
  • Pottery wine glass
  • Clay mask

Besides these items, consider renewing your vows as a romantic ceremony for your 8th wedding anniversary. Read when to renew wedding vows to know more.


What Is The Symbol For 8 Years Of Marriage?

The 8th wedding anniversary symbols are bronze and pottery. They are also the typical gift ideas to celebrate eight years of marriage. Still, you can also consider this marriage milestone’s stone, flower, and color as inspirations for your gift and activities. 


What is the traditional symbol of the 8th wedding anniversary?

Bronze is a famous 8th wedding anniversary gift because it is the traditional symbol for this milestone. From a symbolic perspective, bronze is known for its strength and maturity. 

A couple who has passed five years of marriage demonstrates these same characteristics as they have gone through different achievements and challenges. And if you choose a bronze gift to give to your spouse, it shall last for quite some time, making it the perfect reminder of your marriage milestones. 


What is the modern symbol of the 8th wedding anniversary?

Pottery is the modern symbol for eight years of marriage, so it’s an alternative gift for this anniversary. Pottery symbolizes the earth, but as a wedding symbol, one can look at it as the representation of home. 

It is also moldable but hardens to the shape you want, which you can view as a person’s continuous growth during the marriage. And as a gift, don’t you think it’ll be romantic to have a pottery class with your spouse? 


What is the stone for 8 years of marriage?

Tourmaline is the stone for the 8th wedding anniversary. It is believed to protect the person from negative energies and thoughts as a gift. 


What is the color for 8 years of marriage?

Bronze is the 8th wedding anniversary color inspired by its traditional symbol. Consider this as your party theme if you’ll have one for a classy celebration. 


What is the flower for 8 years of marriage?

Two flowers symbolize the 8th wedding anniversary: lilacs and clematis. Lilacs represent renewal, while clematis is the symbol of mental prowess. 



And that’s it! To recap what is 8th wedding anniversary called, it is the bronze anniversary. 

Therefore, expect bronze gifts for this marriage milestone or opt for pottery items and activities as alternatives. You can also get inspired by tourmaline, bronze-colored things, and flowers like lilacs and clematis to celebrate your eight years of marriage!

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