What Is 7th Wedding Anniversary: Symbols And Gifts

Those curious about what is 7th wedding anniversary can call it the copper wedding anniversary. Another term for this marriage milestone is the wool anniversary, so we will discuss why these two are the symbols for seven years of marriage. 

We will also discuss why the 7th year of marriage is thought to be the hardest. And if you have other curious questions about another wedding anniversary, consider browsing our blog. 

what is 7th wedding anniversary

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What Is 7th Wedding Anniversary: Gifts And More

The 7th wedding anniversary is the copper and wool wedding anniversary. These two are the symbols for seven years of marriage, but you can also consider only one when celebrating your marriage anniversary, whichever you think fits your long-term relationship better. 

Like other odd-numbered wedding anniversaries, the 7th wedding anniversary is not as popular as major ones like the even-numbered 5th or 10th wedding anniversary. However, this doesn’t mean that this marriage milestone isn’t worth commemorating. 

Consider reading about the 7th wedding anniversary symbols and gift ideas below. Make sure not to let any wedding anniversary with your spouse go by without celebrating and talking about the years you’ve had. 


What Is The Symbol For 7 Years Of Marriage?

The traditional 7th wedding anniversary is two things: copper and wool. This makes seven years of marriage unique as most anniversaries only have one metal or stone as their symbol. 

Copper is very fitting to symbolize the 7th wedding anniversary as it represents positivity, love, and protection from evil. You want to look forward to more years for a couple who lasted more than five years being married.

On the other hand, wool symbolizes warmth and comfort like the material itself. So it suits the 7th wedding anniversary, which is not that young but not too long either. 

You are at that duration where it’s comfortable since you already know your spouse well, but it’s still under ten years, so there’s more to discover from each other and maintain the “heat” of romance. Regardless, you can consider both copper and wool for your gift to your partner. 


What is the modern symbol of the 7th wedding anniversary?

The alternative for copper and wool is the modern 7th wedding anniversary symbol: stationery. It also makes the perfect gift because seven years are enough to pen a heartfelt letter to your spouse. 

The key to long-term marriages is keeping the romance alive. So why not surprise your husband or white with a handwritten letter on your 7th wedding anniversary?


What is the gemstone of the 7th wedding anniversary?

The gorgeous onyx is the stone for the 7th wedding anniversary. While onyx historically has a negative correlation, it is also known to help balance energies. 

Remember that a healthy relationship knows when to allow some intense emotions to subside. Furthermore, we’re always taught to never match the intensity of our spouse’s frustration when handling conflicts. 


What is the flower of the 7th wedding anniversary?

The flowers Jack-in-the-pulpit and freesia are reserved for the 7th wedding anniversary. The former is a unique-looking flower with multiple medicinal uses, while the latter has more meanings, such as trust and thoughtfulness. 

Some even say that freesia is the best symbol of trust. As with any relationship, trust is one of the core foundations to ensure that it will be a lasting and healthy partnership. 


What is the color of the 7th wedding anniversary?

Interestingly, the color for the 7th wedding anniversary is off-white. You can use this for your gift’s color or as the theme if you’re having a wedding anniversary party. 

From a symbolic perspective, off-white is thought to represent new beginnings. So perhaps it’s also fitting for this marriage anniversary as you’re close to entering your decade together after 3 years.


What Is The Gift For The 7th Wedding Anniversary?

You can use the symbols wool, copper, stationery, and onyx as inspirations for your 7th wedding anniversary gift. Think of wool clothes, copper cooking sets, handwritten letters, or onyx jewelry. 

However, don’t limit yourself to the 7th wedding anniversary symbols. Your spouse will surely appreciate anything more sentimental and personal. 

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Why Is The 7th Year Of Marriage The Hardest?

The average marriage only lasts between 7 to 8 years in the US. This is why reaching your 7th wedding anniversary is worth celebrating because you’ve overcome the expected year for the marriage to hit a rough patch. 

Common hurdles can start showing up during the 7th year of any relationship, such as poor communication, financial issues, and boredom from the “routine.” In addition, the honeymoon phase and excitement are over, so some partners are also at risk of cheating. 

Regardless, don’t let the statistic make you anxious. You can always consider marriage counseling together if you want the marriage to last. 



And that’s it! We just found out what is 7th wedding anniversary: copper and wool wedding anniversary. 

It is also related to stationery and onyx as its other symbols. Regardless, make sure to celebrate your 7 years of marriage as it’s known for being the time when relationship barriers present themselves.

Feel free to comment on which marriage milestone is the hardest. 

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