What Is 21st Wedding Anniversary Called Plus Gift Ideas

The answer to what is 21st wedding anniversary called is the brass anniversary. We will also discuss the symbol of 21 years of marriage, gift ideas, and what you can do to make this memorable anniversary celebration. 

You might also appreciate this marriage duration more if you find out how uncommon it is nowadays. And before you know it, nine years down the line, you might be thinking about what is the 30th wedding anniversary

what is 21st wedding anniversary called


What Is 21st Wedding Anniversary Called: Symbols, Gifts, And Celebration Ideas

The 21st wedding anniversary is the brass anniversary. This is a unique type of wedding anniversary because it means you’ve been together for over two decades!

Most couples think it’s a big deal to reach even just ten years of marriage, so you and your partner deserve a pat on the back. Congratulations, as this marriage duration is fitting to be called the brass anniversary. 

We will discuss the symbolism of brass in more detail below to further appreciate its connection to the 21st wedding anniversary. But first, learn why 21 years is exceptional when it comes to married couples. 


Is 21 A Special Wedding Anniversary?

Do you know those wedding anniversaries that are celebrated after eight years are unique? In the US, the average marriage length is only eight years!

To reach more than twice as long is indeed a milestone worth celebrating. It shows that you and your spouse overcame the challenges and hurdles of married life and passed with flying colors. 

Sustaining romance and commitment, even just for a decade, takes dedication and loyalty, besides love. So if you also know a couple reaching their 21st wedding anniversary soon, see the symbol associated with it as it can inspire different anniversary gifts. 


What Is The Symbol For The 21st Wedding Anniversary?

The symbol for the 21st wedding anniversary is brass, which is also why if it’s your gift inspiration to your partner, the anniversary gift conveys your relationship perfectly. But why does brass symbolizes 21 years of marriage?

Brass is essentially an alloy from copper and zinc, but from a symbolic perspective, the word “purifying” or “cleansing” is associated with it. So you can connect it to the 21st wedding anniversary, where you will cleanse all the negative energy in your relationship and prepare for more years to come. 

It can also be thought of as a way to bless the marriage and allow growth and clarity to prosper in the relationship. However, did you know that the brass is the modern symbol of 21 years of marriage?

Like other odd-numbered wedding anniversaries, no iconic elements or symbols were dedicated to 21 years of marriage. But as couples nowadays are extra sentimental, it’s a unique achievement with marriage lengths nowadays; brass is selected to symbolize the 21st wedding anniversary. 


What is the gemstone for the 21st wedding anniversary?

While brass is the traditional symbol for the 21st wedding anniversary, a gemstone is also associated with this marriage length. It is the water sapphire or dichroite, which is a gorgeous deep blue gemstone. 

It’s also quite fitting for the 21st wedding anniversary because it symbolizes intuition. Furthermore, it is thought to provide a clear vision, which can always be helpful to retain the spark and commitment of couples who are married for a long time. 


What is the color for the 21st wedding anniversary?

For gifts and as a party theme to celebrate the 21st wedding anniversary, the color that symbolizes it is orange. This lively, warm color is somewhat providing vibrant energy to keep the excitement of a long-term marriage alive.


What is the flower for the 21st wedding anniversary?

Do you want to give your partner a bouquet for your 21st wedding anniversary? The flower correlated to this celebration is the iris, a beautiful flower that symbolizes faith, admiration, and even courage, which are qualities that sustain a relationship for the long term. 


What Is The Anniversary Gift For 21 Years?

The ideal anniversary gift for the 21st wedding anniversary can be either made of brass, has the water sapphire, something orange, or uses irises. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to traditional anniversary gifts because any couple married for a significant duration can always use thoughtful but practical items like appliances and home decors. 

You can also get extra sentimental and upgrade your wedding rings. So why not check what to engrave on wedding bands to make them more special and unique?


How Can I Make My 21st Anniversary Special?

  • Consider using the 21st wedding anniversary symbols as inspiration for the gifts or wedding party theme
  • Surprise your partner with 21 gifts or activities spread throughout the week
  • Recreate your wedding or include familiar elements like the wedding menu or cake in your anniversary party
  • Renew your vows
  • Do something or go somewhere you don’t typically choose
  • Set a date or vacation with just the two of you



And that’s it! To recap what is 21st wedding anniversary called, it is the brass wedding anniversary. 

This alloy is the perfect symbol for 21 years of marriage as it represents cleansing. The gemstone water sapphire is also associated with the 21st wedding anniversary, making a thoughtful gift since it symbolizes clarity of vision. 

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