What Insects Eat Bed Bugs? 5 Surprising Predators!

You might have a problem with bed bugs at home, and you are curious about “what insects eat bed bugs?”

There you have read that insects can eat bed bugs which we can consider as an insect too.

Pests are always present everywhere we go.

One of the worst pests that can infest your home is bed bugs.

They can be the reason for your sleepless nights brought by fear of not having bed bug bite marks on your skin.

Other than that, they can also give you swelling areas the day after they feed on you.

And the advantage that they also have is that you cannot notice them when they attack.

Usually, they come out at night and suck on your blood while you are asleep.

In that way, you cannot feel them.


What Kind Of Insects Eat Bed Bugs?

There are so many insects and pests that can be found in your home.

Are you curious that even harmful ones can help you with your problem with bed bugs?

Well, yes that was right even the ones that you hate the most can help you with your problems with bed bugs.

You may see them as something very off or most hated, but they are good ones and indeed one of the best.

So, what insects eat bed bugs?

Here are some of the insects that eat bed bugs to know and maybe lessen your hate towards them.


Predator #1. Spider

Spider is one the most dangerous and feared insects to other smaller insects. This is because they have so many strengths.

It is also one of the most feared by bed bugs.

They have great skills in hunting, especially for bed bugs.

A lot of people might fear them but they are great when it comes to helping you diminish bed bug problems and other pests.

Even when they feed on other pests, such as what has been mentioned earlier, Spider bites could not give humans any disease.

What’s good about spiders is that they know where to stay, especially when they first found food.

They will stay longer in the room and hunt bed bugs in there.

You have to take note that spiders can be friends.

And that’s only for that purpose. But then that does not change the fact that you should not fear them.


Predator #2. Cockroaches

Another predator of bed bugs is cockroaches.

We couldn’t blame you if you have fears for them, but we share the information.

It might disgust you, but cockroaches can lessen the existence of bed bugs in your home.

But take note that we never advised you to let cockroaches live in your house just to get rid of bed bugs.

We have so many more options, but this is presented to you to know, and it will educate you.

Cockroaches would often be in the kitchen roaming around looking for the left foot, making them gross.

In context with bed bugs, cockroaches are not that helpful because their priority for food is different.

They can feed on bed bugs, but they could not sustain the amount and its growth.


Predator #3. Masked hunter

These masked hunters are slightly similar to a big bug and somehow to a cockroach.

What makes this unique is bed bugs’ worst enemy, and they are called bed bugs hunters.

They belong to the family of assassin bugs and when you say assassin they are very dangerous and good at fighting.

As what I have said they are like a cockroach and they can fly. These are called masked hunters for a reason.

They usually hide in the dust in the form of a nymph.

All the other insects attracted to bats are good food for masked hunters.


Predator #4. Centipedes

Another predator of bed bugs and even cockroaches are centipedes.

They have so many hidden strengths.

They are very dangerous because even people can suffer from their bites. It would still help with bed bugs and cockroach infestation.

What’s scary about them is that they sometimes roam around your house without any notice.

They do not leave footsteps or any other marks to let you know that they are existing.

It is also believed that centipedes have a poisonous and painful bite, even for people like you.


Predator #5. Gecko

This is the last and our final predator for bed bugs.

This is the safest one that you can trust and opt to, even though they are not insects.

Geckos are harmless for humans, often scared due to their physical appearance.

But then again, all lizards are almost feeding on pests, especially insects. So when it comes to bed bugs, geckoes are the best option.

If and only if you have to consider the location, you will be facing big trouble.

They should live in a place where they can be comfortable.



This is where our lecture on “what insects eat bed bugs?” ends.

We hope that you learned a lot.

Anyway, if you want to get rid of bedbugs, you can try these scents.

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