What Goes On A Wedding Cake Table: 3 Must-Haves

If you’re unsure about what goes on a wedding cake table, consider three things. Besides the wedding cake itself, there are other items you can add to the cake table at the wedding venue. 

We will also discuss the expected number of desserts or cakes to put on the wedding cake table to help you decorate. And speaking of wedding cakes, feel free to browse our blog for various guides.

what goes on a wedding cake table

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What Goes On A Wedding Cake Table + Decorating Tips


Other wedding cakes

Of course, the wedding cake will be on the cake table and will be the focal point at the venue. However, you can add other cake flavors to your primary wedding cake. 

Some couples serve other types of cakes at their reception for various reasons. For example, perhaps you’ll accommodate your guests’ dietary restrictions, or you can’t choose one from two wedding cake flavors. 

To save costs, you might also have a smaller wedding cake, then serve the guests another type of cake. If the other cake is single-tiered, you can put it at a stand so it won’t be out of place next to or behind the wedding cake you’ll slice with your partner. 


Beautiful pastries, sweets, and desserts

The wedding cake table can also be your reception dessert table. Put the wedding cake at the center, then fill the space with various sweets and desserts. 

You can have cupcakes, cookies, bars, or candies on the wedding cake table. They can even act as decorative items on the table, or you can put the favor bags on one side if these sweets are also your favors for the guests to take home after the wedding. 

If you’re limited with your budget for the dessert table, you can always create a station for deconstructed desserts. Perhaps you can offer a cookie or even a s’more station next to the wedding cake so the ingredients will fill up the table. 


Decors for the wedding cake table

Like the other tables in the wedding reception venue, you should put themed decors on your wedding cake table or dessert table. You can also use the wedding theme as the inspiration for the stand or container you’ll use on the table. 

Flower arrangements, mini sculptures, or cake labels can add to the aesthetic. You can even arrange the serving ware and dishes nicely for extra appeal on the wedding cake table. 

Edible items like fruits can introduce color and variety to your wedding cake table. And, of course, select fitting linen or fabric for the table to complete its style. 


How Many Items Should Be In A Dessert Table?

There are no specific rules regarding the dessert number on the tables you’ll have at the wedding. However, you can remember that each wedding guest can have two to three types of desserts, which may or may not include the wedding cake slice. 

Here are some formulas you can follow when designing dessert tables or even the wedding cake table with cakes and sweets:

  • One to two special desserts or one specialty wedding cake and one designer treats like cookies or designer cupcakes
  • Two to three pastries that the masses typically enjoy or homebaked goodies you want your guests to try; you can also dress up simple desserts from local bakeshops or groceries to add variety to the dessert table
  • Two types of candies or fruit slices to decorate the dessert table and fill up the spaces

Will you have cupcakes and cookies at your wedding? Read these guides on how to display cupcakes for a wedding or how to display cookies at a wedding to elevate your dessert tables. 


What Should Be On A Dessert Table?

When choosing what to go on the wedding cake table or dessert table, know that you are not limited to wedding cakes. Utilize the stand and containers, or get inspired by the wedding season and theme when choosing what specific sweets and desserts to add. 

Read these tips when decorating and designing a wedding dessert table that you can also apply to the wedding cake table:

  • Serve various textures, colors, and flavors of desserts, especially if you want a theme for the dessert table; for example, chocolate lovers can have bars, cakes, or even parfaits to have different tastes and textures 
  • Arrange the desserts, stands, and containers from the center going outward or outward ends going to the center to have varying heights 
  • Use one end of the table for wedding favors or plates 
  • Bring the desserts close to each other to avoid having the table look empty
  • Experiment between symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements, especially if you’ll have small desserts 


Where Do You Put The Cake Table At A Wedding?

Besides knowing how to put the wedding cake on your cake table, do you know where to put the wedding cake table itself? Wedding cake tables go at the center of the reception or select a backdrop behind it. 



And that’s it! You just learned what goes on a wedding cake table: other cakes, desserts, and themed reception decors.

Arranging the items will depend on the style that suits the venue. And as for what to put, you can have two special desserts, two well-loved pastries, and two candies to fill the table. 

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