What Energy Does A Hair Dryer Use? Awesome Facts To Read!

Are you wondering what energy does a hair dryer use? A hairdryer is a thing that can change the whole look of our hair within minutes. It is becoming one of the necessities of the hour. It uses electricity as its power. A hairdryer is an electromagnetic machine. We all use it, and perhaps daily, we are still not aware of its functioning and energy usage.

Hair dryers are being used by men, women, old and children. Most people are using the dryers for styling theirs.

what energy does a hair dryer use

Some dryers are made to be used for many different purposes, for instance, Dyson hair dryers with unique attachments. We all use them without thinking about how it works and converts energy, how it blows warm air and styles our hair so brilliantly. These questions might have come to everyone’s mind. But not every hair dryer uses the same energy to work. Some need more watts than others. Let’s look at the whole procedure of how hairs dryers work.


How Does A Hair Dryer Work?

There is a fan inside every hairdryer. This fan is responsible for blowing the air from the dryer. The motor spins the fan to manage the temperature of the air. Now here comes the other question of how the motor works. Well, now this depends on you. When you turn on the dryer, it will use electricity to give power to the motor.


How Does It Dry Out Wet Hair?

The air that comes from the dryer is the air in our surroundings. It gets warmer with the help of an element: the nichrome wire with nickel and chromium. These three elements work together to turn the simple air into warm air. The atmosphere in our surroundings gets hot when the nichrome resists electricity. After showering, if it’s not a sunny day, it will take the whole day in summer to get hairs dried. But nowadays there is no time to wait for the entire day. The hair dryer dries your damp hair with the help of heat produced by the nichrome wire.


Dryers Offering Different Heat Settings

We can see that most dryers have 2, 3, or even four settings to suit different types of hairs because it depends on the hair’s quality and what amount of heat you want. If you have healthy and thicker hairs, you will need to switch your dryer to the high or fast settings. How does your hairdryer manage the heat settings? It is based on the speed of the blade spinning. The faster the blade spins, the more pressure will be released by the dryer. When the fan takes more power, it means the blades’ centrifugal motion will be increased. So more simply, When you turn the dryers settings to warmer, it starts getting more power and spins the blade faster.


What Energy A Hair Dryer Uses?

If we talk about the power used by dryers in kW, then a standard hair dryer uses 1 to 2 kW of electricity in one hour. This is the power measured on high heat settings. But if we talk about the lowest and highest power usages, dryers can also work at 0.5 to 3 kWh. Well, here is one more thing we have come to know is that we control the electricity usage by changing the dryer settings. Find out how many watts does a hair dryer use.


Difference In The Quantity Of Power Used By Different Dryers

We have found what energy does a hair dryer use, but now let’s find out the amount of energy. In the settings, we have both speed and heat settings. These settings determine what amount of energy is being used. Usually, people don’t buy dryers with low power wattage. They prefer buying dryers with high wattages. According to some experts, the best wattage that a dryer must have is 1,800 to 1,875 watts. But the people having thinner and weak hairs who already use dryers at low heat settings will prefer buying quiet wattage dryers with power ranging from 500W to 1200W.

As we have discussed the differences in the wattages, let’s find out the brands and names of those particular dryers. The dryers using the highest watts of energy are the Flower Ionic Pro, Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme, and the Turbo Power twin-turbo 3900 with 2000 to 2100 watts. On the other hand, the dryers with the lowest power usage are the BaBylissPRO TravelFX,l, and Jerdon ProVersa, with power ranging from 1000 to 1250 watts.


Expenses Of A Hair Dryer

We have figured out how much watts of electricity a hair dryer uses in an hour. They consume a lot of energy, so we can say that they are energy boozers. But it again depends on the heat settings how much it costs in an hour. Know how to choose hair dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

After figuring out what energy does a hair dryer use and its amount of energy consumption, we have come to the fact that they can cost about 28% of our electricity. Moreover, hairdryers are one of the highest power-using appliances. We can cut down its expenses by taking some guidelines on making a dryer work efficiently with less. If I were you, I would maintain the cleanliness of your hair dryer can help extend its lifespan.

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