What Does UE Means On An LG Washer? 3 Easy Ways To Fix This Issue!

Are you wondering what does UE means on an LG washer? This error code means your washer cannot balance the load.

If a little and a giant sign appear together, the mechanism tries several times to disperse the clothes in the washer drum evenly.

what does UE means on an LG washer

For instance, it absorbs a small amount of water before draining it. The screen reveals the code of two letters UE  after multiple fails. It indicates that your LG washer is unable to solve the situation. As a result, there is a breakage. The error of two-word UE shows in earlier washer machines, indicating a fault in the lack of rotation. Well, my friends, there is much more for you related to this topic. We have also mentioned the causes and solutions to cope with this error. Let’s have a deep look at this topic. 


What Does UE Means On Your LG Washer And How To Fix It?

So, what does UE means on an LG washer? UE error code appears on the washer screen whenever your LG front-load washer won’t spin. The problem occurs due to an imbalanced laundry load. While diagnosing or fixing this UE error on your GE washer may be a tough job, fixing this error is pretty simple and usually only needs rebalancing an uneven load or putting a few clothes to a tiny or just one cloth load. To solve the error code UE, just understand the following solutions to make your washer able to spin again:


#1. Balance uneven load

A twisted duvet cover or a wrapped article of any fabric may cause your LG washer to pound and thud in many circumstances, thus showing the error.  If you are washing a bunch of tangled clothing, heavy comforters, and blankets, this heavy load burdening one side of the washer drum, it won’t spin and won’t do its job correctly. So, before repeating the wash cycle, open the washer lid and attempt to rearrange the clothing weight. This generally helps you in fixing the problem.

Unbalance can also occur when there is a single cloth or a modest load in the washer drum. When the error is due to the lightweight, you simply need to put a few extra things, such as hand towels, to help the washer level. The washer also leveling the washer allows the drum to run smoothly without showing any UE error warning. Heavy and thick laundry weight might potentially result in a code error UE. in this case, the washer will be unable to disperse the load evenly throughout the washer drum.

As a result, before you try to continue the wash cycle, first make sure that the washer drum should not become overloaded, and also have to remove the extra clothes from the spin drum. Make sure the products are lightly loaded and not pressed in for future usage.

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#2. Level the washer legs

If the laundry weight is adjusted, but your LG washing machine is showing a UE error, this time, see whether the LG washing machine legs are leveled or not. Keep in mind that washer legs are securely seated on the floor to prevent the washer from wobbling while it cycles. The legs should be adjusted to make it more stable and remove this code. It is better to put the machine on the leveled smooth floor, and it is never recommended to put the engine on the carpet. Because in this case, the device is also unable to spin and still shows the UE code error. 

After doing all the steps, check your washer dampings; if your washer is still showing this problem; maybe they are damaged. In this case, you simply unplug the LG washer and discount the washer top panel to inspect the damaged components. Try to replace these broken and damaged compone yourself; if you cannot cope with this problem, simply call an expert. Read about how to level a washer


#3. Change the washer bearings

There is an issue with the washer bearing if the UE error appears on the washer display. You have to replace the worn-out bearing, and for this, You’ll have to remove the LG washer and the spin drum. The tacho sensor is another feature that might cause the absence of spinning and, as a result, the UE error. Even though this is an uncommon occurrence, we will not overlook it. This sensor controls the speed of the engine. There will be no spinning if the rate is insufficient. You’ll need the following items for replacing the washer:

Unplug your LG washer from the wall socket; find out the engine behind the washer tank; disconnect the engine’s derive belt, loosen the bolts and nuts that hold the machine, and after that, take out the washer bearings. Remove the motor wires. Disconnect the tacho sensor ring and cord cable and replace it with a new component before putting the LG washing machine back in its position. 


It’s A Wrap!

We were delighted that you all will learn about what does UE means on an LG washer. In this article, we write the meaning of UE error code and the causes and solutions to fix this problem. So if your LG washer shows an error code, don’t panic; just use these steps to solve this problem. Thank you, friends, for being with us at last! Know more about washing machine fault codes

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