What Does Ub Mean On Samsung Washer? 5 Easy Steps To Fix It!

Are you worried about Ub error and want to know what does Ub mean on Samsung washer? Stop worrying, and you have at the right place at the right time. The Samsung washer UB code is created whenever the washer pauses during such a spin cycle and just before it starts the spin cycle.

“UB” washers error shows that the machine drum is imbalanced. The drum would generally stop spinning, stop the spin cycle, and not resume until its unbalanced load situation is corrected.

what does Ub mean on Samsung washer

Imbalanced loads can occur for various causes, and you can sometimes tell if a load seems uneven by carefully listening to the washer noises. A variable load may force a washer to shake excessively, hop throughout, or move the tub to knock against the washer’s front. It is essential to know the reasons that cause the Ub error, so you must keep reading to discover more.


Step To Fix The Ub Error On Samsung Washer

So, what does Ub mean on Samsung washer? The Ub error shows that the washer is not equally balanced; the load inside the washer is terrible and makes your washer be stopped. You need to fix this error if you want to wash your garments without any disturbance. Below are some steps you need to follow to fix this issue and understand what Ub means on the Samsung washer.


#1. Examine the load of laundry 

The most straightforward option is to unlock the washer or alter the loading. Straightening it out usually solves the problem if the laundry is twisted, grouped, and adhered to with one end. The issue can also be caused by overloading and underloading; thus, balancing the load is as simple as removing or adding an item or two.

Clothes containing ribbons and laces of footwear might also create the error if trapped in the drum and agitator section. To avoid this, use a washer safety bag or tie the strings enough, so they don’t get captured in the device. While using a washer, it’s crucial to utilize the correct cycle. Every washing session was tailored to specific fabric amounts and types of dirt. If your washer was hoping for a different load, this could show the UB error code, indicating that such washer was uneven. That issue must be addressed once the load weight has been rebalanced, and the washer should proceed with the process.


#2. Washer reset option 

If the UB error code persists after you’ve rebalanced the load, the next step would be to reset your washer. The control board malfunction often can result in an error code. Unplugging the washer from the electricity for 15 minutes would let its control system reset if there is a problem. Once you restore the electricity to the washer, this error code must be gone if it was just a malfunction. However, resetting your washer in this manner may only serve to delay the process.

If an error code reappears, it’s critical to act quickly to resolve the problem since delaying will almost certainly result in more severe problems in the long run. You may also be interested to know about common washing machine problems.


#3. Make sure the washer stands level

A UB error number might also be caused by the washer not being balanced on the ground. It’s possible that the washer got moved to a new area, either because you just fitted it or switched to a new position. However, the sound waves by the washer throughout a spin cycle might lead the washer to become imbalanced over time. The best approach to evaluating and solving the problem is to use a level tool. If the leveling tool indicates that a washer is not even, adjust the legs until the washer becomes level. 

Find the securing screw just on foot, then release with a tool to move the leveling legs. Next, twist it clockwise and counterclockwise to lower or lift the leg. Its legs should be adjusted till the washer stands upright. Once you’ve checked its level, fasten its locking nuts to secure the washer. Its four leveling legs must be hands on the ground to give support whenever the washer rotates, and the washer is level.

If a floor is too slick to maintain the washer stable during the cycle, add non-skid pads beneath the legs to keep the washer from sliding. Its locking bolts that secure the feet must also be snug against the washer’s bottom. Make sure that locking nuts are securely fastened with a tool.


#4. Issues with the bearing and also the crosspiece

The bearing was positioned just on the drum’s holding section inside the crosspiece. Pushback or vibration results once they collapse. It is necessary to repair any broken components. The job can be performed freely by detaching the drum first from the motor shaft. However, getting to the problematic node without expert help in specific models is challenging.


It’s A Wrap!

Knowing what does Ub mean on Samsung washer is essential for every user. This error appears when your washer is unbalanced, and the garments inside the drum are stuck and stop the cycling. You need to fix the causes of this error if you want to make your washer in working order. Thank you, friends, for staying with us. You may also want to read about how to replace the rubber seal on the front load washer and what does a lock washer do.

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