What Does The Best Man Do At A Wedding: A Checklist

To completely understand what does the best man do at a wedding, understand his duties and responsibilities starting from before the wedding, during the wedding ceremony, and after the wedding day. 

This is a checklist of what is expected from you at the groom’s wedding if he chooses you as his best man. And if you’re a groom who’s creating his wedding party, refer to how many groomsmen are in a wedding

what does the best man do at a wedding


What Does The Best Man Do At A Wedding: Best Man’s Responsibilities And Duties


Before the wedding ceremony 

Everything that the best man does for the wedding starts before the wedding ceremony itself. Depending on your closeness and relationship with the groom, you might be accompanying him as he accomplishes different essential wedding necessities. 

For example, the groom might ask for suggestions and comments during the ring selection and when choosing the groomsmen. You will also ensure that the groomsmen are acquainted with one another, then help with ensuring that their attire is coordinated. 

Since the groom and his side of the family are responsible for the groomsmen’s travel and accommodations, you will also help them arrange these things. And, of course, you’ll lead the bachelor party and other pre-wedding events and dinners to prepare the groom before the wedding. 


During the wedding day

During the wedding day, your role as the best man means that you’ll cover duties that ensure that the groom will feel stress-free and calm. Start by knowing what the groom needs on his wedding day, typically composed of a kit of essentials, whether they’re for freshening up or quick first aid.  

Like the maid of honor with the bride, the best man also traditionally get ready with the groom. You’ll serve as moral support to help the groom keep wedding day nerves at bay. 

Of course, as the best man, you’ll also be trusted with the wedding rings until the exchange at the ceremony. Then, remember to look your best as you stand next to the groom, be present during all the photo ops of the wedding party, and be prepared to present a speech or toast. 

Sometimes, the best man also overlaps with the usher’s responsibilities at the reception. You may also be asked by your friend to act as the wedding MC or DJ, depending on your capabilities with handling people.

To further understand the difference between an usher and a best man, here is what is a wedding usher and what he does. 


After the wedding

Do you know that the best man can still be responsible for several duties even after the wedding ceremony and program? For example, perhaps the groom trusted you with paying the officiant and other wedding vendors. 

If there’s a money dance, you might’ve also been the one who collected the monetary gifts for the couple. Otherwise, it’s not surprising for the best man and maid of honor to help with safekeeping all the wedding gifts. 

You can also remind the groom regarding his rentals such as his outfit and when to return it after the wedding. But overall, expect that as his closest male friend, your best man’s duties extend beyond a day as you’ll always be there for the groom as he enters marriage. 


What Is The Best Man At A Wedding?

The best man at the wedding is essentially the groom’s right-hand man. You can also think of the best man equal to the maid of honor, the bride’s right-hand woman. 

The best man is typically the groom’s best friend or even a brother. The duties that come with this role include leading the groomsmen and acting as the confidant of the groom before, during, and after the wedding. 


Does the best man dress differently than the groomsmen?

The best man can wear the same outfit as the groomsmen, but he can be identified differently in many ways. For example, he may wear a different-colored tie, a bowtie instead of a necktie, or the same color scheme as the groomsmen but a different-styled suit. 


How old does your best man have to be?

There is no age range for the best man as long as you can entrust him with the responsibilities for this role. For example, in second weddings and blended families, the dad can also have his son as the best man. 


Does The Best Man Pay For Anything?

There are no rules regarding what the best man must pay for at a wedding. However, it’s also common for him to give the bachelor party as a gift to the groom. 

If it’s impossible to shoulder all the bachelor party expenses, the best man can also plan and share the costs with the groomsmen. But of course, you’ll pay for your own gift and attire for the wedding day. 


Does The Best Man Give Gifts To The Groomsmen?

The wedding favors for the wedding party are the bride and groom’s responsibility. The groom or his family will pay for the groomsmen’s gifts, while the bride or her family will give the bridesmaids gifts. 



And that’s it! We learned what does the best man do at a wedding, which includes duties from the wedding planning to after the wedding day. 

Overall, you will be the trusty right-hand man of the groom, and he chose you because he knows that he can rely on you. Much like the maid of honor to the bride, you will ensure that the groom will be at his best. 

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