What Does Sensing Mean On A Whirlpool Dryer? 4 Surprising Indications!

Are you wondering about what does sensing mean on a Whirlpool dryer? Sensor strips are installed in the drum of all Whirlpool Duet dryers. When your load of laundry tumbles in the drum, it comes in contact with the sensing strip, allowing the dryer to detect when it is dry and stop the cycle. 

The sensor will not operate effectively if the dryer is not level, and your drying cycle will terminate prematurely. Fully automated dryness detecting is one of the functions of the Duet series of dryers. 

what does sensing mean on a Whirlpool dryer

Sensor strips are installed in the drum of all Whirlpool Duet dryers. When your load of laundry tumbles in the drum, it makes contact with the sensor strips, allowing the dryer to detect when it is dry and stop the cycle. Let’s get into the deep for more about sensing in a whirlpool dryer!


How Does It Work? 

A sensor module ensures that your garments are dried adequately while preventing them from overdrying. It’s the portion that ensures our clothing gets the right amount of dryness we’ve learned to anticipate from a good dryer. So, let’s check what does sensing means on a Whirlpool dryer? The dryer moisture sensor can work in a few different ways. Connecting to a thermostat is the least effective method since the heat will eventually reach the thermostat, which will end the drying period.

Another approach is to put tiny barbs within the dryer that “sense” the weight of the garments, and when the clothes dry and get lighter, the barbs disengage, ending the dry cycle. This approach is more dependable than the thermostat, although it is not without flaws.

The most efficient approach is to install a conductive sensor in the dryer, which detects the electrical resistance. Because water is an excellent electrical conductor, the sensor activates the cooling setting as the garments dry, completing the dry cycle.


How Do You Know If Your Dryer Sensing Is Weak?

Sometimes dryer sensor may not work correctly, or let your clothes still wet even after completing the dryer cycle. So, if you think your laundry is still damp after completing the dryer cycle, you can test it by placing the dryer in the test mode. Opening the door, and then short across the two moisture sensors with wet fingertips. Unless there is an open sensor circuit, it should sound. Endurance may be measured using any Amp meter.


What Does Sensing Means On Your Whirlpool Dryer?

So, what does sensing mean on a Whirlpool dryer? There can be various reasons behind your weak sensor, like low power, dirty sensor, irregular settings, or faulty sensor strips. These are all the issues behind your worthless sensor. So let’s get closer to them below!


#1. Incorrect selection

The prevalent cause of your weak sensor is incorrect settings you did before drying your clothes so, Whenever you pack your clothing for drying, you must ensure that you have selected the correct settings. If you have selected an irregular setting, simply turn off the dryer and set it aside for 5 minutes after cooling down the machine. Press start and pick the appropriate location. If this doesn’t work, you could have filthy moisture sensor strips that need to be cleaned. 


#2. Clogged moisture sensor

The drum’s liner has moisture sensors. When you use your dryer without cleaning the drum, it becomes sticky and unclean. The sensors become blocked with a coating that makes them unable to work correctly. Your whirlpool dryer is locked in sensing mode; because of this, you should clean your dryer; you should clean your dirty moisture sensor by following a simple procedure for cleaning the tub of your whirlpool dryer. 

If you have an electric dryer, clean the drum with a damp soapy towel. For your gas dryer, use a non-flammable cleaning; after doing this, rinse your drum well with a clean wet cloth, place a load of clean clothing in the drum, and tumble to dry it.

Here’s how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged.


#3. Circuit board failure

The other most common reason behind your weak sensors is circuit board failure; when the circuit board is at fault, it fails to provide good power to the dryer; due to this, the sensor system in your dryer might malfunction. While identifying a defective circuit board might be challenging, we recommend enlisting the assistance of a dryer specialist. Know why dryer is not working


#4. Faulty sensor strips

Like other reasons, the faulty sensor is the leading cause of your dryer sensor failure. These sensor strips are the building block of any dryer, so you must ensure that your sensor strips are well before starting any drying cycle. To check the condition of your sensor strips, open the main control board get to the sensor, and fix it if you feel it is in bad shape. 


It’s A Wrap!

We’re excited that you’ve tried to learn what does sensing mean on a Whirlpool dryer? Sensing in a dryer is a challenging process. However, the points mentioned above are helpful to you if you feel any problem with the sensing power of your whirlpool dryer. To comprehend these reasons, simply read them attentively. Thank you for joining us, friends! It may be helpful to read about
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