What Does SC Mean On Samsung Washer? 6 Interesting Reasons!

Do you know what does SC mean on Samsung washer? This article will assist you in learning the SC tell in the right way. This SC error number on such a Samsung washer indicates that such washer seems to have a draining issue and, more precisely, that the drainage process is taking a long time.

Samsung code  Nd, 5E, SE, 5C, SC, or one 5C signal a drainage issue comparable to the SC error code. Flushing the drain line, pump filters, and drain pump is enough to fix the SC error code. Ensuring the drain hose was properly installed might also help remedy the problem.

what does sc mean on Samsung washer

When you don’t have time to remedy the problem, you may generally fix it by turning off the electricity for a moment or two. On the other hand, this error code most certainly signifies a problem that has to be addressed, and neglecting it for too long might lead to more severe issues in the future. Read this article till the end to learn the SC error reasons.


What Does SC Mean On A Samsung Washer?

Because it can’t drain, the Samsung washer displays SC. This is due to a clog or obstruction that stops the water from draining from the tank. The block must be removed to solve the SC error and let the washer discharge extra water. After rebooting, you might not be able to dispose of an SC problem.

Whenever this occurs, a severe underlying problem must be addressed. You may need to firmly drain the water first from the washer and then exit the laundry room before continuing to investigate the issue. The following are among the possible concerns that guide you on what does SC mean on Samsung washer.


#1. Problems with the drain hose

The SC error may appear if your drain hose is obstructed and the clogged filter. Users must make sure the hose isn’t seized or blocked with debris. Due to the type of connection, it also should be placed accordingly. Ensure there are no bends in the hose and that it isn’t longer than 4 meters. Water may stay constant in the washer whenever the drain hose isn’t correctly fitted. When attaching it, be sure to follow the recommended guidelines.

While you’re at it, make sure there aren’t any foreign things caught within since these may quickly create a stumbling block. Eliminate any items inside using your hands, water, and air pressure. Repair the drainpipe with such a new one if the objects are trapped.


#2. Filter blockage in the pump

If the pump is operational but not performing its function, you can inspect your drain filter for clogs. You’ll need to open a door in the lower right corner. Turn this door counterclockwise to unbolt it. Minor objects such as buttons, pennies, and other small detritus will not create severe problems with the washer. Heavy debris causes the 5C and SC errors. Typically, the causes are collected garbage and piled-up socks. Remove the obstructions, clean the filter, and afterward replace the filter to repair this issue.


#3. Debris in drain nozzle

Drain nozzles can clog in various instances. The unit is unlikely to pump the water whenever this occurs, resulting in the 5C and SC fault. Ensure there’s no debris in the link between the tank and the pump. If the pipe is blocked, clean it thoroughly.


#4. The pump blockage

When there has been a blockage in the pump, the SC error immediately appears. Needles, elastic bands, hair accessories, fingernails, pennies, and bolts are easy to become trapped with. If you notice a faint roar from the device, the subunit is operating but may be stopped owing to dirt buildup.

Disconnect the filter and switch on the drain mode while monitoring how the tires revolve to correct this. You should also inspect the pump’s outlet chamber and the area beneath the impeller. You don’t want to overlook any issues that need to be addressed.


#5. Cable connection issues

A faulty wire connection might also cause the SC error. Whereas if the washer makes no sounds, it is a simple diagnosis. You can suppose that the electrical circuit’s open connections are the problem. Check the wiring from the drain pump to a control module to rule out any concerns. It’s conceivable that they’ve become separated and need to be repaired. This might happen if the machine is moved during transit. It might also occur if the cables were broken due to a failure.


#6. The pump failure 

When the pump becomes faulty, the washer cannot squeeze water and drain, resulting in the SC error message. A defective pumping system doesn’t need to be quiet. The rotor may typically revolve in certain circumstances, but the wheel remains stationary in others. Due to the sliding shaft, it could even complete a few rotations, causing the SC problem. You may also be interested to know how to repair a washing machine.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you have learned what does SC mean on Samsung washer. So, if this error occurs in your washer, you don’t need to panic. Just find the cause of this error and try to fix it. If you are not ready to improve, you need to call a professional to fix this error. Thank you, friends, for staying with us. You may also want to read about how to use bleach in washer and washer loud when spinning.

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