What Does Sanitize Mean On A Washer? 3 Amazing Sanitary Cycle!

What does sanitize mean on a washer? It means to remove or reduce the number of microorganisms that include bacteria and germs on clothing. This sanitized cycle helps avoid the contamination of microorganisms to laundry items. While not all require to sanitize their laundry, there are times that the sanitize cycle can be essential.

Do not think that the dried laundry items are not clean. Unpleasant things and germs like fecal matter accumulate in the washer and stay there, affecting the clothing.

what does sanitize mean on a washer

At the same time, hot water and bleach can kill organisms such as salmonella and E.coli; not all use bleach when they do laundry. Instead, most would wash their clothing using cold water instead of hot water. Moreover, a standard dryer does not reach a high enough temperature to kill microorganisms. So, learn more below about the washer apart from its meaning.


The Way It Works

Sanitize in a washer uses water or steam to kill certain microorganisms on the linens or clothing. Water or moisture heats at a specific temperature like 165 degrees Fahrenheit during this cycle. This temperature is hot enough to kill these tiny pests. The process can kill harmful microorganisms and germs while it freshens up the smell of your laundry. In addition, it is effective in killing bacteria that cause odor.


The Sanitize Cycle Uses

Everyone does not prioritize the sanitization cycle. But then, it is crucial for people in some specific situations. For instance, health care workers benefit from sanitizing their clothes. Even mothers use cloth diapers with this cycle that is time-saving and useful. Individuals who consistently go around animals use a sanitized cycle to eliminate odors. This cycle is also proper when washing the socks of teenage boys.


The NSF Certification

MOST CONSUMERS USE the NSF International tests products to evaluate the effectiveness and safety before the general public uses them. For example, washers with sanitized cycles undergo a test to see the product’s effectiveness in killing microorganisms. For washers that best kill 99.9 percent of microorganisms, they get an award of NSF approval seal. Whirlpool became the first brand to get this award. Always consider a washer with an NSF mark.


The Sanitization of Laundry Clothes On A Sanitary Cycle

It is simple to sanitize your laundry to wash your clothes after setting it at a sanitary cycle. Or, add laundry bleach or sanitizing products. It also depends on the type of load and washer. Check the care labels that will avoid damaging or fading the fabric.


#1. Set the washer on a sanitary cycle

See if the washer features a cycle intended for sanitizing laundry. This cycle is available on Whirlpool washers using extra hot water that kills ninety-nine percent of three household bacteria. If there’s no sanitary cycle, use only the setting for the warmest temperature that optimizes cleaning performance. It may be helpful to know how to sanitize laundry in three effective options


#2. Put the sanitizer product on the laundry

Put the sanitizer product on the laundry if there is no sanitary cycle or you cannot wash it in hot water. Add the sanitizing product and wash in a normal setting. Next, add this product that can be a top household cleaner brand to the sanitary cycle for an extra fighting boost to bacteria. Then, add sanitizer to the load, following the product’s directions. If you want, choose Whirlpool Washer with a specialized sanitize & oxi cycle that utilizes detergent and oxi-additive that eliminates ninety-nine percent of household bacteria.


#3. Add the liquid bleach

The liquid bleach is helpful when added to the sanitary cycle or bleachable items to wash in hot water. Then, mix the bleach to the load as you follow the manufacturer’s directions. Finally, spot test the bleach as you use it in a hidden area that avoids damage or fading to the fabric. It may also be a good idea to know how to use bleach in the washer


#4. Sanitize the dryer

Sanitize the laundry that runs through the dryer. Use the sanitize cycle as designated and recommended. If there’s not one, use the warmest temperature setting that optimizes cleaning performance.


The Perfect Time To Sanitize The Laundry

Sanitize the dirtiest laundry items regularly, including the blanket, workout clothes, and more. Sanitize each laundry load. Washing it removes some bacteria and germs. But sanitizing laundry is like using a high chemical or high temperature to kill ninety-nine point nine percent of germs.

Utilize the sanitize setting on a washer which is a good option but do not use it every day. Extremely hot temperature settings cause challenging problems on clothes and fade later on.

The sanitize cycle removes bacteria to 99.9 percent. Thus, it is excellent when you need it to avoid germs from spreading to your bedding and clothing. So, keep the rest of the household clean and healthy as you also sanitize the bath towels, bedsheets, & apparel.

Sanitize all of the workout wear, gym clothes, sweaty and smelly clothes. One good rule to follow is to sanitize if you sweated on something like the musty bath towel. I suggest you read about how and when to sanitize your laundry


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what does sanitize mean on a washer and the importance it has on your clothes. Sanitize all your clothes, especially the smelly and sweaty ones. Know the right time to set the sanitize cycle and the steps, too! For more washer articles, check out how to clean washer drain h0ses. Thanks for reading this article! 

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