What Does PF Means On A Dryer? 5 Surprising Reasons Of A Dryer Power Failure!

Do you ever wonder what does PF means on a dryer? PF stands for Power Failure on a dryer. It is a code that tells an error upon a drying cycle or another term for an interruption during a drying session; when you encounter this one, it is better to touch and hold start for your dryer to restart and clear the display to avoid a PF in your dryer.

Being able to know what does a PF means on your dryer is being able to know what to do when emergencies do happen. When you take into consideration the things and knowledge that you must acquire are very important. Thus it could help you in many ways.

what does PF means on a dryer

When you buy a dryer, make sure that you read all the instructions and make warnings and codes that your dryer could display, which must be taken seriously. Being able to do this, you could assure yourself that you are capable of dealing with the possibilities that could take place. 


What Could A PF Do On Your Dryer? 

If you wouldn’t take the code indication seriously or specifically a PF code on your dryer, there is a possibility that your dryer’s function could be interrupted. Moreover, there is also an instance that your dryer will damage its parts and could have malfunctions the next time you use it or while you use it. If you can have an idea of what does a PF means on a dryer, you would be able to know your move or step to do. You could avoid any damage to your dryer and as well be able to help its parts to function well. You could be able to save your dryer and save your money.


Possible Causes Why A Dryer Has A Power Failure

There are just so many reasons to be aware of why a dyer experiences a power failure. Nowadays, it is essential to have an idea rather than having none. Thus, being open to things you need to do in encountering it is a must. The following are the possible causes of why a dryer has a power failure.


#1. Bad door switch

This is one of the reasons why a dryer could experience and indicate a power failure code; if you experience a PF, it is better to check your dryer’s door switch and check if it is just fine. Suppose it is wrong, better to replace or fix it in a new one. After all, it could benefit you.


#2. Broken start switch

If you have a bad door switch and have already checked it out, you have seen that it is true that the door is bad. Better to check if the start is broken because there is a great possibility that if the door is terrible, the start switch may also be broken. Better to check it for you to be sure and have your next step in fixing it.

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#3. Power supply

One great reason for a power failure in your dyer is that there might be an issue with your power supply. To be sure, check or call personnel that is reliable and capable of your concern. To have a power supply on using your dryer is needed. And also to prevent any damages to your dryer from happening.


#4. The thermal fuse is blown

One fact is that when the thermal fuse is blown, your dryer will stop generating heat. The cause why the thermal fuse is blown is because of a high temperature. When this happens, it is necessary to replace it immediately or have it checked before you will use your dryer again. One way is also to avoid a PF code on your dryer. Here’s how to bypass a thermal fuse on an electric dryer


#5. Overusing of the dryer

There would be a PF code to display on your dryer because of overusing or overheating that a dryer encountered from the past use. If this does happen, better to call a technician to have it fixed as soon as possible. If there are broken elements or any damages on your dryer, have it fixed or replaced.


Importance Of Knowing What Does PF Mean On A Dryer

As a user of your dryer, you are critical that you are aware and open to what does PF means on a dryer. It may serve as your idea and whip hand to know what move and action should you take and acquire upon dealing with this. Thus, these days have been somewhat challenging when it comes to cleaning. It is to your great advantage if you are knowledgeable and mindful in dealing with the uses of your dryer. It could be of great help to read instructional materials about dryers for your additional ideas.



Now that you already know what does PF means on a dryer, hoping that you gain some knowledge and idea upon reading this article. Remember that you could learn things well, one step at a time. Very in need that as a person you have ideas on dealing with your dryers.

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