What Does Mold Look Like On Hardwood Floors: Ultimate Guide

Are you wondering what does mold look like on hardwood floors? Although hardwood floor mold is not as common as its other breeding grounds, there is still a possibility that it might grow as long as it meets its requirements to thrive.

Molds usually appear in circular shapes accompanied by a musty or earthy smell which is similar to a decaying plant. In fact, these articles guide you through the different colors of mold and how to properly identify a black mold as it is considered to be the most dangerous.

what does mold look like on hardwood floors


Kinds Of Hardwood Floor Molds

There are several types of molds that grow on hardwood floors, depending on its appearance and root cause. As such, you do not have to have a forehead-creasing or head-scratching moment; you can easily spot a hardwood floor mold when you see one.


Stain fungi

This refers to the mold that grows out of water-damaged hardwood floors. It may potentially penetrate on hardwood for quite some time but not as deeply as the others. 


Blue stain

When this mold darkens, it is now called the ‘blue stain’. This is because the stain is usually blue in terms of color. However, there are also times when it appears as grey or black.


Decay fungi

The spores of this type of mold penetrate inside the wood and thus do not merely stay on the surface. It typically stems from the chronic water in a leaky pipe. 


Other Signs Of Hardwood Floor Mold

Apart from its appearance, another sign of mold growth is its root cause. If your hardwood floors had experienced water damage for quite some time, this may possibly lead to mold infestation. You can easily notice this if you feel like you are walking on a seemingly spongy floor.

Molds could also be indicated by water stains. A basic fact about mold is it does not need much to thrive in places; it only entails moisture and high levels of humidity. 


Putting Safety First

It is important that before you allow curiosity to take over you, you must follow safety precautions. Clad yourself in safety gears such as gloves, goggles, and N-95 masks or respirators.

This is particularly essential when you have a compromised immune system and is apparently vulnerable to respiratory illnesses. Molds could pose health risks and trigger certain allergic reactions.

The toxicity of mold does not only apply on the ones which can be found on the surface. If mold spores happen to circulate in the air, it will soon negatively affect the indoor air quality of your home.


How To Remove Hardwood Floor Mold

So now that you know a few tips on how to identify molds on the hardwood floor, what do you do if you see one? The cleaning process does not differ from other mold remediation methods. You can still opt to have a cleanup that is free from any form of harsh chemicals.

Before anything else, you should perform a pre-cleaning. This involves fixing any water leakage or spill before proceeding to the actual mold removal. If you are doubtful about your capability to remove the mold, you can seek the help of a wood counsel or mold remediation expert.

This person or company will aid you from the mold removal, refinishing, and even in the floorboard replacement process. This article will provide you with helpful tips before hiring a mold remediation expert.

Of course, you cannot proceed without removing room furnishings. Make sure that the place you are transferring your furniture to is a mold-free area to avoid any possible mold contamination.

If your home items happen to be infested with mold, throw them away and seal them in a tight box to avoid mold spores from circulating in the air. Also, make sure to open the windows or turn on any air purification system to go against mold spores.

Now in the actual cleaning process, you can use either of the following solutions: vinegar, bleach, and mold remover. With the latter, you can use Concrobium Mold Control. This guide includes all the Frequently Asked Questions to walk you through all the necessary knowledge you need.

Of course, all of these cleaning solutions are paired with scrub brush, vacuum cleaners, and the likes. Also, none of these would be effective if you do not spend enough time, effort, and resources. Mold removal is surely a hassle but you are not just protecting your home here; you are also caring for everyone’s health in your household. 



The fact that molds could grow in the very thing you are walking in would certainly make you ask what does mold look like on hardwood floors. That might be tricky but not without the tips and tricks you have learned in this guide. 

You have to remind yourself that these things would not be in proper use if you do not apply it immediately. Molds should be removed without a delay. Otherwise, you might experience a worst case scenario you are definitely not asking for.

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