What Does It Mean When Your Dryer Stops Spinning? 5 Technical Reasons!

Are you searching for what does it mean when your dryer stops spinning? Stop searching as you have arrived at the correct place to know the reasons behind it. Your drive belt is among the most prevalent causes for the dryer not spinning.

Unlock the dryer door, go inside, and turn the circular drum by hand to see whether this is the issue. Your belt has most likely broken or needs to be revised if it twists too readily.

what does it mean when your dryer stops spinning

The rear of the drum is supported by two or even more rollers in the bulk of dryers. In some cases, the other two would be in front of the drum, but not all. The dryer will not spin if any rollers and axles are wearing out. Listening to a squeaking noise while the dryer is running is an excellent approach to identify this. This is just an overview; you must continue to read to know why the dryer stops spinning.


What Does It Mean When The Dryer Stops Spinning?

The dryer isn’t operating properly if it won’t spin or has stopped spinning after some time. Take a glance at these diagnostic procedures to see if you can find what does it mean when your dryer stops spinning, so let’s get started reading further.


#1. Make sure the dryer has power

When you turn on the dryer, you could have a supply problem, but nothing occurs. Double-check that your dryer was turned on. Plug it in to bring power if it’s not already connected. Whether the dryer is truly united, look at the circuit and determine if the dryer’s breakers have been blown. If this is the case, reset the dryer’s breaker by turning it off and back on. Try employing a skilled appliance expert if it usually doesn’t make the dryer spin.


#2. Examine the doorknob

The dryer contains a switch that prevents it from running, whereas the door opens as a protective measure. Examine the door switch when the dryer doesn’t spin, even if it’s turned on. First, double-check that the door is entirely closed and the door latch is engaged. A simple modification to the door may be all that is required to resolve the problem. It is time to inspect the switch itself after ensuring the door is correctly pushing on the button while closed.

Disconnect the dryer without trying to remove the switch. After you’ve turned off the dryer’s electricity, you may begin testing its door switch. A little white circular peg at the door closing is generally the switch.

Remove the dryer’s lid using a putty knife to allow complete access to the controller. Remove the cables to a door switch whenever it’s open so you may check with a measuring device. If you need to repair the door switch, one may purchase door switch installation kits online. When you’re not confident with home fixes, get a professional.


#3. Drive belt inspection

The broken drive belt is a typical reason for a dryer to stop spinning. This is somewhat unsurprising, given that the belt’s principal function would be to spin a drum. Trying to spin its drum manually before opening up the dryer to reach the drive belt is a simple approach to see whether the drive belt is the issue. Open your dryer door, grasp inside the drum, then spin it around. There ought to be some opposition. If you really can effortlessly spin the drum, then the belt is most likely the problem.


#4. Pulley assembly issue

The dryer’s pulley component maintains drive belt tension so it can grasp the drum and not fall off. This belt may not even be able to stay on the drum if the pulley component is slack or broken. Every pulley inside a dryer is often made of tiny rubberized and plastic wheels mounted on a metal arm. Fractures might cause a problem within the rotation and arm of a pulley. A blocked or difficult-to-move wheel may prevent the drum from rotating properly.


#5. Malfunction thermal fuse

The dryer’s thermal fuse seems to be a critical safety device that shut down if it gets too hot. A malfunctioning thermal fuse can disconnect voltage to the motor whereas the heat source stays on, even though it is supposed to turn off the whole dryer.

This might be why your dryer isn’t spinning. Thermal fuses that have failed are usually a sign of something else’s wrong. Inspect other elements of the dryer if the thermal fuse has blown. Ensure there are no crossed wires and that the heat source is clear of dirt but not in touch with other metals.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you have learned what does it mean when your dryer stops spinning. Don’t panic whenever this happens. Just try to find out the reasons that cause this situation and try to troubleshoot immediately, and it is much better to call a professional to figure out this problem. Thank you, friends, for staying with us. 

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