What Does It Mean To Match A Donation? 4 Important Tips For The Matching Process!

Do you want to know what does it mean to match a donation? Well, in this article, you’ll find the answer to your question about matching a donation. To understand all about this topic, you must read this article from start to end. Matching a donation is a donating program in which a company compares an individual’s donation to a charitable charity, therefore boosting the present.

If a kind and a generous person gives $50 to the nonprofit, the donation matching would be $50 more from kindful.

what does it mean to match a donation

Rather than a $50 gift from a generous person, the charity gets $100 due to the worker and charity organization. Companies that engage in contribution have a series of principles for matching gifts. Most, for example, can duplicate monetary gifts. Matching donation Companies have limited matching amounts and timelines for submissions. In addition, companies have many guidelines for organizations to which they will give matching gifts.


How Donation Matching Helps Charity?

Learning “What does it mean to match a donation,” we must first discuss why donation matching is helpful. Contribution matching helps charities center by increasing the initial gift given via contributor or additional profit for the charity. Furthermore, employees who want donation matching from their employers effectively give free promotion and financial assistance to the organization.

Matching donations promoting the nonprofit (charity) and seeking money on its account, was a major achievement for the charity institutions.


Searching The Organization That Matches The Donation

Try to use the internet and online websites to find charities that have a list of matching donations. Many companies have search websites. With the help of such websites, donors can find the organization which matches the donation.


Donation Matching Submission Process

It’s never too early or too late to exchange matching presents. They won’t only be around for a short period either. When it comes to charitable funding, organizations usually make use of matching gifts. Learn more about these in the article, “Everything you need to know about matching gift programs” Regardless, here are some basic steps that the donor follows to donate matching gifts:

  • Donor submit a donation matching
  • The donor determines the eligibility
  • Donor submit the forms
  • Company makes donation


#1. Donor submit a donation matching

Providing the initial gift for the company to match is the first step in filling a match request. Whether you’ve used top business generosity marketing strategies, your donor will see charitable information online during or soon after the gift processes are carried. Donors may see a button on the contribution form or gift verification screen. This plugin provides their entry point into the match gift procedure.


#2. The donor determines the eligibility criteria

When a contributor decides to complete a matching request, he has to establish first if his donation is qualified to be matched by their company or not. Next, the donor enters his employer’s name into a record search tool. If the firm has a charitable program, it will be included in the fall option. All The donor needs to do here is click on their company’s name!


#3. Form submission

Donors can test to see if their employer matches gifts made by workers like them on the resultant business gift information page (e.g., full-time, part-time, or retired). The organization to which they are contributing is qualified for matching gifts from their employer. Their contribution is eligible for a company donation. Once donors are determined to submit a donation, they click the link to the relevant online forms supplied by the website.

They fill out the forms and press the submit button! More than 80% of businesses need match requests to be filed online. Connecting your donations to the online forms expedites the process.


#4. The donation makes by the company

The employer of the donor contributor must check the paperwork that they filed and follow up with an organization to ensure that the donor made the initial gift. If all of the data and records are correct, the company will pay your organization! This process stage is an excellent time to send an email or letter to the matching donor.

On the other hand, since most fundraising activities nowadays are online, you’d want to learn how to add a donation button in Paypal that will serve as a mode of payment for the donors. Now, read on and learn more about donation matching, including its ratios, limit, and eligibility. 


Donation Matching Ratios

No more wondering about what it means to match a donation; we have written all about donation matching. First, let’s discuss the donation matching ratio. The donation matching ratio is the money a corporation will provide about the amount of money contributed by the employee. A match ratio of about 1:1 is the most frequent, meaning that the employer would contribute the same amount to the same organization as their person does.


Maximum And Minimum Donation Matching

The maximum and minimum amount for donation matches will depend on the company. A minimum donation is an amount that an employee needs to donate to be eligible for a donation contribution. Maximum donation matching is the amount of matching gifts that a firm will provide per employee each year. Read more about this here, “Matching gift programs: ratios, maximums, and minimums.


Eligibility For Nonprofit

The organization selected by the first contributor may have an impact on the company’s match. For instance, a corporation may offer a matching donation to instructional NGOs at a ratio of 3:1, whereas only matching donations to cultural groups with a ratio of 1:1.



To learn what does it mean to match a donation, you have to read this article thoroughly. Hopefully, my friends, you learn all the essential points about donation matching, the matching donation process, and all other things related to donation matching. Then, read more articles like this one, “What to write on a donation card?” to learn a lot about donating!

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