What Does EdL Mean On A Washer? 2 Different Error Codes To Check Out!

Do you know what does EdL mean on a washer? E:dL is simply one of the error codes a washer communicates to the user and must be responded to accordingly. It means “Door lock error,” and if you encounter such code, the washer is telling you to double-check the switches and if you correctly locked its door.

Your washer can display numerous codes, and if you don’t know how to interpret those codes, you are likely to have a real headache figuring out what exactly you must do to stop the error. 

what does EdL mean on a washer

However, you must be aware that these codes vary from one manufacturer to another. It can also differ even if it belongs to the same brand but differ in the model. For E:dL, it is a code that Speed Queen Washer uses. Some codes can be fixed with the same solution, and some are unique. This article will tackle some standard error codes that different manufacturers display and how these errors can be fixed. Dear friend, you will never regret scrolling down in this article. 


Frequent Error Codes From Different Washer Manufacturers 

If you have access to the internet, the good thing is that you can just search for anything you want to learn about in just a few clicks – even tricky codes. But of course, we want to be always sure, right? Every time we buy new appliances, the package includes a user manual. This book is significant, and you must not lose it. You must realize that within this book are the legitimate instructions you need to follow to make your appliance work properly. Also, these instructions will make your appliance live long.

We already have learned what does EdL mean on a washer. But, there are still a lot of these codes that you must be aware of. You may want to read about washing machine fault codes. In this section, you will be presented with the most common error codes that you may encounter as you use your washer and how you will fix them.


Error Codes In Whirlpool Washer

Whirlpool has different models of washers. One is the Duet, and the other is Calypso. These two express faults with different codes; thus, you have to deal with each differently. We will discuss two of the most common principles with Whirlpool. 


#1.Duet and duet ht washer

The first code is F/H, which means that there is no detected water that has entered the washer, or it can also be that there is no detection of switch trip pressure. The first thing you must do following this code is press twice the cancel or pause button to erase the display. 

It’s either you don’t have water in the component, or there is. If there is no water, you must check if the hoses are correctly plugged in and check the inlet valve’s operation. 

If there is already water in the component, you must check the operation of the drain pump. Siphoning is very common with washers, so you must also ensure that there is none. Leakage is also one culprit. Thus make sure that all hoses are in good condition.


#2. Calypso washer

A common condition that happens every time we use the washer is flooding. The code for flood condition with Calypso Whirlpool washer is “FL.” This code is being displayed when you overfill the washer. This means that there is excessive water inside the tub, which causes tripping of the overfill strip. This will also cause the washer to beep every ten seconds as a warning. It is to be noted that the pump of the drain mode is cycled for thirty seconds. To erase the washer’s display, you must press the stop button or cancel button. 


Error Codes In LG Washer

One of the standard error codes in the LG washer is “UE,” which is triggered by several factors. This code means that there is an error in the balance within the washer. It may be that the load inside is too light. It can also be that the washer is in a tilted position. Also, check the laundry if it is equally distributed in the washer. This one is easy to repair and does not require you to be technically knowledgeable. By simply balancing the load of the washer, you can solve this error. Make sure also that the washer is positioned on a flat surface. 

Another error code that you may witness while using LG washers is “OE,” which signifies an error with your washer’s drainage. It will be displayed if the washer isn’t able to drain the water in ten minutes. What you must do first is to ensure that there is no kink in the washer’s drain hose. Next, you must check the filter because it may need to be cleaned. Also, check for clogged sludge. Doing a mixture of hot water and vinegar and using it to clean your washer will most likely fix this problem.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned what does EdL mean on a washer, as well as enjoying learning some other codes. Thank you for reading up to this point of the article. Your time and effort are very much appreciated. My friends, read related articles; know how to use a washer and how to level a washer.

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