What Does DC Mean On Samsung Washer? 3 Easy Ways To Fix These!

Do you know what does DC mean on Samsung washer? A DC error on your Samsung washer means that your washer would not spin appropriately due to the balancing issue, so you should offload some balance when this happens.

Usually, this DC error is typical, and if you use your washer carefully, you will get rid of this. Mainly the DC error occurs when the garments in your washer are more than the capacity of your washer.

what does DC mean on Samsung washer

This DC error indicates the users about the issue in washer load or machine door. When there are more clothes in the washer than its capacity, the door will catch some clothes, and the DC error occurs. So, friends, don’t worry, just read this article till the end to solve this problem.


What Does DC Mean On Your Samsung Washer?

So, what does DC mean on Samsung washer? In this paragraph, you will learn about what does DC means on Samsung washers. Sometimes users load their washer high, which causes the spin to work slow. Due to the high loaded washer, the spinner of the washer works slowly; moreover, when you put more laundry in the washer, it causes a door issue because the door of the machine catches the clothes and the door doesn’t close properly. Whenever this DC error happens, check that the washer door is closed correctly or if the door catches some clothes.

Secondly, the main reason behind this error is washer load, and this happened when you loaded your washer with heavy laundry without taking care of your Samsung washer. Some users may don’t take this seriously. Still, it badly damages your washer and makes you in trouble. In winters, people face this type of error because of the heavy garments and households like blankets, comforters, bedsheets, and bedsheets. 

Sometimes suspension rods of the washer may not work correctly due to faulty or damaged rods, so make sure the rods are in working condition. The water level issue may also cause this error. When the water in the machine is high, but clothes are less, it works smoothly, but if the water level is low, the spin cycle gets slowed and gets more complicated, which may cause this DC error.


How To Fix The DC Error?

You can quickly fix the DC error by offloading some balance from your washer. Just remove some heavy laundry like jeans, jackets, and sweaters. In winters, mostly the laundry is so heavy that’s why these dc errors happened in winter. Read the below steps to fix this error:


#1. Balance the laundry

To fix the DC error, switch off your Samsung washer. After switching off the Samsung washer, offload some heavy laundry from the washer, like jeans. Jackets, sweaters, and blankets. Check if any laundry like towels or jeans is not tangled around the barrel of washer spin, which may also cause the DC error. Know the perfect balance for your laundry room.


#2. Level the washer surface

If the weight redistribution does not correct the DC error, maybe it is a case that your Samsung washer is imbalanced. First, you have to make sure that your Samsung washer is on a flat, level surface. If you have a leveling tool, you can use these tools to level your washer surface. If you are still not sure about the level of your Samsung washer, you should change its position to another level so that you may get rid of this DC error issue. Know how to level a washer.


#3. Suspension rods of Samsung washer

The other common cause of DC error in the Samsung washer is broken or faulty suspension rods. It would help if you had to fix these suspension rods for the good of your Samsung washer. Sometimes, some technical experts only resolve suspension rods, so hire some experts if suspension rods are damaged.


How To Stay Away From DC Error?

First, check the standard of your Samsung washing machine, maybe washers of Samsung are different in weight, so if you use your washer according to your washing machine standard, you will get rid of this error code. If the total weight of your washer is 5kg, you should fill it by ⅘ because when you insert clothes in your washer, clothes get wet and become double in weight and slow down your spinner. Never go on sizes. Try to put large and small sizes together to balance the washer.

Always try to keep your washer clean and put it on a level surface. Never put overweight in your washer, which results from a DC error. Check the water level and quantity of clothes in your washer, properly check the main door of your Samsung washer, which may also cause the DC error. If the clothes are in bulk, they may be caught by the washer door and make this DC error happen. 


It’s A Wrap!

Reading this article is just fun for you. I hope you enjoy this article, and we are happy to explain to you what does DC mean on Samsung washer? Friends, thank you for being with us till the end, and we hope you guys understand all the steps mentioned in this article. Also, read about what does F28 means on Whirlpool washer and what does LE means on LG washer.

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