What Does CL Means On LG Washer? 2 Easy Steps!

Are you looking for what does CL means on LG washer? Well, my friends, CL mean Child Lock. From the name itself, I guess you know what it means, right? Don’t worry about this thing whenever you see your LG washer showing this code. Here’s the thing:

Child Lock is never an error but rather a signal indicating the child lock functionality is turned on.

what does CL means on LG washer

The control panel will be turned off during this time. Press and hold the kid lock button for 3 seconds to activate or deactivate it. The issue of the necessity for locking threw the designers of front-loading automated washers for a loop. Because the control panel on LG machines is at the lowest level and within accessible to children, which is highly hazardous, here is all you need to know about LG washer Child Lock. Stay with us to the end to learn about CL on LG washing machines, their benefits, and how to use them, and steps to enable the CL feature. Read this article until the end, and let’s have fun!


What Does CL Mean On Your LG Washer?

So, what does CL means on LG washer? It simply means Child Lock. Well, a youngster can swiftly touch a few buttons, halting the washing process and perhaps damaging the washer. If you have a little child in your home, this function must be enabled. Child-Lock is, therefore, a data code. This is normal if it happens after fumbling with a key combination. However, there is a problem if this code appears every time the washer is turned on. Do you have any idea what cl on an LG washer means? It might be worse if it occurs unexpectedly during the wash cycle, even if no one has hit any buttons.

This function may be activated by hitting two keys simultaneously: super rinse and pre-wash, then waiting three seconds. The art of perplexing switches is both beautiful and challenging. By putting symbols on the control panel, the maker was able to avoid this. Surprisingly, a smiling spiral reveals the keys “kid protection.”

The CL model is activated and remains active until the completion of the wash cycle. The kid lock is reset on some machines once the washing process is completed, whereas it is retained on others even after the washing machine is turned off. You can also lock all buttons on some LG washing machines from children, whereas you can lock, but not  ON, OFF  some gadgets. My friends, you may also read about what does LE means on LG washer and LG washer making loud noise when spinning.


How To Enable And Disable CL On LG Washer? 

If you are facing a cl error on your washing, and you are stuck on how to remove this error? So don’t be panic; just read these steps. You can enable and disable Child Lock on your LG washer by following the steps given below:


Step #1. Turn on the washing program

Press two buttons on the control panel at the same time to start the washing program. What happened to these buttons? These are designated “extra rinse” and “prep” on the control panel of your LG machine. A photograph of a happy fortress usually accompanies them on/off. The location of these buttons may fluctuate across LG washing machine models.


Step #2. Activate the CL buttons

The lock buttons are located on the display’s left side. The first and second buttons are necessary, while the other four are upright. You may lock the control panel by pressing these two buttons. You may unlock the board by pressing these two buttons again.


What Are The Benefits Of CL Feature On LG Washer?

CL on LG protects the appliance from damage and malfunction caused by children’s improper behavior. The LG Washer’s CL function has several advantages. If the gate unlocks while the CL function is turned on, the water will be forcedly drained to keep the youngster from getting wet. Even if you turn the system off and back on, the Child-Lock remains active.

Even if the power is switched off or the door is unlocked, water will be dumped automatically within 30 seconds if CL is enabled. When the CL feature is enabled, an alarm will sound, and an error message (CL, dE) will appear as soon as the door is opened. After 30 seconds, draining will begin automatically.


Why Does CL Occur Spontaneously And Do Not Turn Off? 

If the LG machine is turned on, turning on the “kid protection” mode is simple. When the washing machine is linked to the system, the CL sometimes prompts and may not disable. As a result, establishing a washing routine becomes tough. The CL comes on by itself throughout the washing process, such as after washing or before washing. 


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, don’t worry if your LG washing machine’s display reads CL, but the control panel is inoperable. It’s only that your appliance is set to prevent youngsters from using it. So you disable the lock by hitting the super rinse and prewash buttons at the same time. We are delighted that you will learn what does CL means on LG washer?  Thank you for staying engaged with us at the end. Stay updated for more stuff and also ask your queries in the comments. You may also want to know the washing machine fault codes.

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