What Does A Hostess Do At A Wedding

The answer to what does a hostess do at a wedding is to present to the newlyweds. We will also talk about the other responsibilities of the hostess if you’re considering to be one or getting one at a wedding. 

The usher is another part of the wedding staff with somewhat similar responsibility. Read what is a wedding usher to know more. 

what does a hostess do at a wedding


What Are The Duties Of The Hostess At A Wedding?


Greets the guests

The main duty of the hostess at a wedding is to greet the guests before the ceremony and at the reception. This is why you are expected to arrive early to help and guide the guests if they have questions. 

You can also lead the guests to the gift table, guest book, or where they can put their coats on. The hostess might even be involved with the tasks after the ceremony, such as cleaning up and preparing the reception site. 


Helps with the flow of the program

In a large wedding, the hostess can help the ushers keep a smooth flow of events. For example, the guests might get restless during lunch or dinner, so the hostess can notify them regarding serving meals. 

Do you need a hostess for your wedding? Of course, it would help you have a hostess, especially if you have many guests and some caterers even request for the couple to have a host and a hostess to help with the duties. 


What Is A Wedding Hostess?

The wedding hostess can be referred to as a wedding attendant that helps the guests find their seats, provide them the guest book, the program for the day, and generally answer some potential queries. So, who can be the wedding hostess?

The wedding hostess can be a friend or a family member. It’s more advantageous to get someone that the couples know because she’ll already be familiar with most of the guests. 

The wedding hostess can also have a partner, and the two will greet the guests at the ceremony and reception. For this tandem, a pair can be chosen from the bride and groom’s side, respectively. 

Can the hostess be a bridesmaid? In some intimate weddings, one can be both hostess and bridesmaid, just like a groomsman can be an usher. 

This is why the hostess can be involved in the celebrations and events held before the wedding. She can help plan the bridal shower and other wedding preparations for the bride. 


What Is Another Name For A Hostess?

The hostess is sometimes used interchangeably with the term wedding attendant. And since they have similar wedding duties, the hostess can also be referred to as the usherette. 


What Does A Hostess Wear At A Wedding?

The couple can decide on what they’d want their wedding hostess to wear. Some couples choose close female friends and relatives as their hostesses if they can’t include them in the wedding party.

If this is the case, they can wear the same color scheme as the wedding party to feel more included in the event. As a hostess, expect that you will dress accordingly, so you’ll look presentable, greeting the guests. 

It can be formal or semi-formal, as casual attire won’t suit the event. You might also be given a corsage similar to what the bridesmaids are wearing to differentiate you from other guests. 


What Is The Difference Between Host And Hostess?

The difference between the wedding host and hostess is their gender. For example, a male wedding attendant is a host, while his female counterpart is the hostess. 

At weddings, you can either have both of them or only one. However, it’s more traditional to have a host and hostess greet the wedding guests when they arrive. 

The couple will select a pair on their sides, so there’ll be a host and hostess from the bride and groom’s side. But in their duties, the host and hostess are expected to do the same things, such as greeting and guiding the guests. 


Who Is The Host Of A Wedding Reception?

The host at the wedding reception can refer to the hostess’ partner that helps with greeting the guests. However, the host can also be the term used for other positions in the wedding and reception. 

For example, you might be referred to as the wedding host or MC that ensures the program’s flow in schedule and sets the reception’s tone. On the other hand, the wedding host can be the person funding the celebration. 

Traditionally, the wedding hosts or the people who pay the most of the wedding expenses are the bride’s parents. Then the host or MC can be a friend or relative with good communication skills to keep the program lively and flowing according to the schedule. 

For this position, read how to MC a wedding



And that’s it! You just learned what does a hostess do at a wedding, and her primary responsibility is to greet the guests at the wedding and reception. 

She often has the host by her side, and the couple will greet the guests. Traditionally, the bride and groom will each have a representative host and hostess. 

Finally, the hostess can be involved with other duties such as being available for questions of the guests. This is why she is also sometimes called the wedding attendant. 


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