What Does A 10000 Wedding Look Like: Sample Budget

If you’re curious what does a 10000 wedding look like, you must know the budget breakdown expected for each wedding expense. You will have an idea of what a wedding would look like if you can’t go over $10,000 and help you plan the costs if this is your financial capacity. 

And if you have an even lower budget, you can read how to have an elegant wedding for $5,000 or less. Of course, weddings don’t have to reach over $20,000, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t get your dream event.  

what does a 10000 wedding look like


Sample Wedding Budget: What Does A 10000 Wedding Look Like


Wedding bands

The first part of your $10,000 wedding budget would be the wedding bands. Of course, you can shop with your partner, but do not feel pressure to buy costly rings if that means you’ll be compromising the other wedding expenses, such as the venue and vendor payments. 

You can consider a set budget of $500 for your wedding bands. Finding something that won’t go over $1,000 for your rings should be easy because most jewelry shops offer sets at affordable prices. 

Read how to pick a wedding band if you don’t have them yet. 


Wedding venue

The wedding venue is perhaps the biggest part of the wedding budget in weddings. It typically takes 40% of the costs, especially if you’re having a big wedding during peak season. 

You can set a budget of under $1,000, but it’s also possible not to spend on the venue. For example, if you want to splurge on the wedding ceremony needs and vendors, consider having a backyard wedding because it will be free. 

Here is how to turn your backyard into a wedding venue for decorating tips. 


Wedding cake, catering, and drinks

The food and drinks of the wedding will also take a significant portion of the wedding budget. Of course, if you have many guests, you will also spend higher. 

Consider setting a budget of under $300 for the wedding cake, under $4,000 for the catering, and not over $1,000 for the alcohol or wedding bar. You can also have a tea party wedding to save on costs since you wouldn’t be providing a full-course meal for your guests.


Wedding outfit, hair, and makeup

Of course, you want to look your best on your wedding day. Therefore, allocate some budget for your wedding attire, hair, and makeup. 

Since you can’t go over $10,000 for the entire wedding, it’s best not to shoulder the wedding party’s outfits. But for the hair and makeup, it’s tradition for the bridal party to prepare with the bride, so find a wedding hair and makeup artist that fits your budget. 

You can rent or buy a wedding dress and suit for your wedding ceremony. A budget of $500 to $800 for the bride and groom outfits is realistic, then 3% of your wedding budget can be for the hair and makeup.


Wedding flowers

Wedding flowers such as the bridal bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres, and floral decors are also quite pricey. However, you can still set a budget of $1,000 for these wedding expenses. 

The secret is combining fake and real flowers. In addition, inexpensive decors such as fabric draping around the venue and candles for centerpieces can also help lower the flower costs. 

Here is how to decorate candle holders for a wedding to make them look classy. 


Wedding stationery

You can DIY the other wedding stationery, such as the cards around the venue. However, if you still want to send your guests invitations, you can create a small invitation suite or go digital with other stationery such as save-the-dates and thank you cards to lessen the expenses. 

Do note to allocate a budget for the RSVPs because you’ll provide the postage for your guests. To know more, here is how much is wedding postage.  


Wedding music

After accomplishing the mentioned elements earlier, you can book a wedding band or wedding DJ if you still have over $1,000 to spend from your budget. But if not, why not rent speakers and a mic and do your own playlist. 

You might also know a friend or relative who wants to be the wedding MC. Read our tips on how to MC a wedding if you’re interested. 


Wedding photography

Wedding photos are essential, so it’s fitting to splurge $2,000 to hire a wedding photographer. First, check which vendor offers the best value for money package. 

You want to capture the best moments of your ceremony and reception so that you can reminisce them as the years pass. You may also want to know how to pose for wedding photos if you’re not used to the camera being pointed at you. 


Is 10,000 A Lot For A Wedding?

Since most weddings nowadays go for $25,000 and up, $10,000 is not considered too much for the event. But of course, different couples vary in their financial capacities. 

You don’t want to drain your savings in a one-time event. What matters is to accomplish the legalities for the wedding so that you can celebrate it with your loved ones. 



And that’s it! We just found out what does a 10000 wedding look like by breaking the budget for every necessary wedding element. 

You can save on costs by using a free venue such as the backyard and shortening your guest list to have cheaper catering expenses. Overall, most couples spend over $25,000 for their wedding, so setting $10,000 for your big day is not too much. 

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