What Do You Wear To Bed? 6 Best Fabrics To Try!

What do you wear to bed?

Sleep is fundamentally connected to your emotional and physical health and what you wear is important in getting a good night’s sleep.

Since the earliest days, pajamas have been commonly used by people to bed.

But it is not the only set of attire one can wear.

Some would wear a T-shirt while others wear nothing at all.

According to research, this varies based on several factors including the season as well as the age and personal preference of someone wearing it.

Sometimes you just turn and toss in bed.

I know- you are having difficulty being in a comfortable position which is why it is almost impossible for you to sleep.

This can probably be due to the fact that you do not wear the right attire to sleep.

With that being said, you must know what to wear in bed.


What You Wear To Bed

The key to getting a night of good quality sleep is primarily comfort.

In case you are comfortable with your usual sleepwear, maybe it’s about time for you to reevaluate the things you wear in bed.

You might as well consider the following.

So, what do you wear to bed?

  • T-shirts and sweatpants
  • Tank tops and shorts
  • Oversized shirt
  • Thermal underwear
  • Nightie or nightgown
  • Gym shorts or boxers
  • Footie pajamas or onesie or romper
  • Nude
  • Negligee or lingerie


Considering The Fabric

When choosing your sleepwear is it not just about deciding between shorts or pajamas or boxers. Instead, you also need to consider the fabric of those clothes.

The following are the most comfortable types of the fabric of sleeping clothes, so try to consider them.


#1. Cotton

This type of fabric is all-natural. It is also soft, breathable, and cooling which is why it an excellent option to wear on warmer nights.

But cotton cannot wick away moisture so this can be a bit uncomfortable especially for people who sweat a lot.


#2. Silk

Silk is considered a luxurious fabric that is both comfortable and soft. It is also good at regulating the temperature of the body.

When the night is cold, it can help in keeping you warm while on the warmer night, it can keep you cool.

However, this type of fabric is a bit expensive. They are also slippery and need dry cleaning.


#3. Flannel

This is an excellent choice if the night is cold because the flannel is good for keeping you cozy and warm.

They are also known for being breathable and soft. However, if it is hot, wearing a flannel pajama may be too hot.


#4. Linen

Pajamas made of pure liner are so breathable and soft.

This type of fabric can also wick away moisture and heat naturally which is why this is recommended if you are a hot sleeper.

The only disadvantage of linen is that it can be easily wrinkled. It is also more expensive as compared to cotton.


#5. Bamboo

Bamboo can surprisingly create a soft fabric that can wick away moisture naturally.

Other than that, it also has antibacterial properties. Plus, it is hypoallergenic.


#6. Wool

This type of fabric is popular for keeping you warm during the colder days.

Not only that, but it also helps in preventing overheating while at the same time keeping you cool during the warmer night.

Pajamas made of wool are also naturally wicking as well as smooth and smooth to touch.


Consider The Details

Other than the fabric, there are still other factors to consider when choosing your sleepwear.

You have to take note that the fit is also important. Using loose pajamas can help you to move easily.

Some elements such as tags, snaps, and buttons can also be a problem as they can cause itch or irritation.


Other Sleep Accessories To Wear

Other than the pair of clothes, you can also wear some other accessories to sleep to get maximum comfort.

Below is the list.


#1. Eye Masks

Wear an eye mask is good for blocking out the light. This is especially good when you are trying to sleep in a daytime or when there’s light filtering through your room.

Eye masks are specially designed to make your brain think that it is already nighttime and it’s about time for bed.

They come in an array of fabric types, sizes, and shapes.


#2. Socks

In case you have cold feet, slipping them onto a pair of socks before sleeping can greatly help in keeping them warm and cozy.

In fact, keeping your feet warm during bedtime is said to help you fall asleep faster based on the National Sleep Foundation.


#3. Earplugs

Perhaps, your partner in bed snores loudly or if your neighbor is too noisy which hinders you from falling asleep every night, then consider blocking the noise.

You can do that with the help of earplugs that is of good quality.


It’s A Wrap!

I hope we have answered your question regarding what do you wear to bed.

Just remember that comfort must be prioritized for you to be able to get enough and good sleep.

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