What Do Wedding Dress Colors Mean: 7 Top Colors

If you’re interested to know what do wedding dress colors mean, consider the symbolism of each color for different cultures and weddings. We will go through the top seven wedding gown colors to familiarize every bride if they decide to wear something traditional or modern. 

Wedding dresses are no longer limited to white as more and more brides are trying on colors that are out of the box. And if you haven’t decided yet, refer to what color wedding dress should I wear

what do wedding dress colors mean


What Do Wedding Dress Colors Mean: Meaning Of Wedding Dresses


White wedding dress

The most traditional wedding dress color for brides is white, and the reason behind this trend started with Queen Victoria of England. Back then, brides wore other colors to symbolize purity and virginity, but when Queen Victoria wore a white wedding gown in her wedding, it became a fashion icon, and most brides eventually started wearing white for their weddings. 

From a symbolic perspective, white represents innocence and purity. Therefore, choosing this wedding dress can symbolize new beginnings for the bride as she enters married life. 

To know more about how white became the iconic color for weddings, read what is a white wedding


Black wedding dress

While black is not the first color that will come to mind when imagining wedding colors, some brides choose black for their wedding dresses. Black was a taboo choice for a wedding outfit because it is correlated to grief or bad luck. 

But nowadays, a bride can also wear black to show her boldness and out-of-the-box personality. So make sure that your wedding venue, culture, or religion won’t be disrespected when you choose this color. 

We recommend knowing what a black wedding dress mean for a more in-depth discussion.  


Red wedding dress

Red is another exciting color choice for the bridal dress to represent boldness. However, red in some cultures represents good luck and even prosperity. 

It also symbolizes bravery, passion, and love, which are all fantastic qualities for lovers who are getting united. You can check what does a red wedding dress mean to know more about different cultures who choose this color for their brides. 


Blue wedding dress

Did you know that blue used to be among the traditional colors for the wedding gown? This is because blue is correlated to virginity and purity, which were expected from brides back in the day. 

But nowadays, you can wear a blue wedding dress to represent clarity and life. It can symbolize a clean slate between the bride and groom as they enter married life. 

Here is what a blue wedding dress means for more explanation.


Green wedding dress

While it’s not a popular wedding dress color for the bride, green can be a fantastic choice. It is ideal for a fall or spring wedding, especially since it’s earth’s natural color. 

A green wedding dress means growth since it’s the color of plants. It is also the symbol of endurance, much like earth’s natural resources. 


Gray wedding dress

If black would seem too much of a bold choice, your next option is a gray wedding dress. Although some might relate gray to the feeling of a sad or pessimistic mood, it can also be a positive symbol. 

A gray wedding dress can represent calmness and maturity. Partner gray with silver and diamond details, and you will indeed look classy.


Pink wedding dress

You can try other soft and pastel colors as alternatives for a white wedding dress. One of the most popular choices is feminine pink or blush pink.

Pink is ideal for the bride who wants to feel very romantic and feminine. It is also a color that symbolizes youthfulness and innocence, which are traits that most brides want to emanate. 


Purple wedding dress

Another color that a bride can wear is purple. This color is related to royalty, fitting since wedding dresses are often imagined as something a queen would wear. 

Another meaning for purple is sophistication. So if you want to look more mature and emanate class, this can be your wedding dress color. 


Orange wedding dress

The final wedding dress color to try is orange. Because it is non-conventional, it definitely represents a statement on your wedding day.

Perfect for a fall wedding, an orange wedding dress can also be interpreted as fun and happiness. So if you’re a bride who is dubbed as the sunshine in other people’s lives, then this is perfect for you. 


What Color Should Your Wedding Dress Be?

There are no rules regarding what colors a bride can wear. The only exception is if she’s getting married in a conservative venue or her culture or religion has colors that will be deemed disrespectful. 

Regardless, choose something that complements your skin tone and bridal style. You can also plan with your groom to look cohesive in your portraits. 


Is The Bride Supposed To Match The Wedding Colors?

The bride doesn’t have to match the wedding party’s colors or the color scheme found in the venue. However, most brides want a particular look for their wedding so that the wedding theme can inspire the bridal gown.



And that’s it! To recap what do wedding dress colors mean, they can range from purity, youthfulness, prosperity, and life, to even boldness. 

Nowadays, brides are not limited to wearing white. You can also try red, green, pink, or even black as long as they don’t have a negative connotation in your culture or religion. 

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