What Do The Colors On Pressure Washer Tips Mean? 5 Different Degrees Of Pressure!

Are you confused about what do the colors on pressure washer tips mean? You don’t have to search anymore. Read this article till the end to find out about different types of nozzles and their function. 

The pressure washer uses high water pressure to clean the surfaces. It gets rid of dust, mold, mud, and filth from the surfaces. The pressure washer is used for cleaning buildings, the exterior of the house, garage, fence, driveway, garden furniture, and even car.  

what do the colors on pressure washer tips mean

Each surface will require different water pressure. The nozzle is attached to the tip of the high-pressure gun of the pressure washer. These nozzles come in different types. Each nozzle creates a different style of pressure to clean the surface. For example, you cannot use a high-water pressure nozzle to clean the wood surface as it will damage the surface. The nozzle maintains the flow of the water and the direction. The smaller the nozzle is, the greater the pressure will be. 


What Do The Colors On Your Pressure Washer Tips Mean?

There is a detailed explanation given below to answer your question about: what do the colors on pressure washer tips mean. Five kinds of nozzles can be attached to your pressure washer hose. 


Color #1. Red 

The first is a zero-degree nozzle represented with a red color. This type of nozzle is not for everyday cleaning purposes. The spraying area of the zero-degree nozzle is limited as it sprays a single stream of water which is extremely powerful. Instead of a wide spray angle, it strikes the surface in a strong, single flow. 

That can damage soft surfaces like outdoor furniture. Using a red nozzle will also take time to clean the area. The red nozzle is for getting rid of stubborn stains such as mold, rust, mildew, gum, glue, oil, etc. It is used for cleaning hard surfaces like concrete or metal. Be careful not to damage the surface while cleaning with this nozzle. Never use a red nozzle on the painted surface: you can damage the paint. Plus, make sure there are no children or pets around when using a zero-degree nozzle. 


Color #2. Yellow 

The yellow color represents a fifteen-degree nozzle. This nozzle delivers fifteen degrees wide spraying pattern as indicated by the name. The fifteen-degree nozzle spray over more area. The stream strikes the surface with slightly less pressure than the zero-degree nozzle. The division of the stream decreases the pressure. A fifteen-degree nozzle is best for cleaning concrete floors. It is used for stripping paint and washing the garage as well. You can clean the drain and the roof of your house using this nozzle. It also gets rid of stains that do not come off easily. However, you will have to be careful on soft surfaces like wood.

It’s best to also know how to clean a wood fence with a pressure washer.


Color #3. Green  

Commonly, the green nozzle is used for everyday cleaning. It sprays at twenty-five degrees, reducing pressure on the surface. As the water streams divide more, the pressure eventually decreases. Therefore, the green nozzle is suitable for cleaning surfaces at home.  

This nozzle is best for deep cleaning. It can use for cleaning patio, sideways, deck, and outdoor furniture. The water stream is strong and broad enough to clear away leaves, twigs, and branches from the deck, sideways, and trails surrounding your house.  

The pressure of this nozzle is moderate but strong enough to wash cars, boats, and trucks. The green nozzle can wash off the detergents and chemicals from the surface along with the buildup of debris. Using the green nozzle will save your time as it has a wider angle compared to yellow this will clean the surface in no time. However, never use it on fragile surfaces like glass. 


Color #4. White  

Whenever you are confused about which nozzle to use, pick white. It creates a wide surface area of forty degrees. The wider surface area of the water stream divides the pressure. Therefore, it does not have strong pressure like red, yellow, or green.  

An increase in surface area means it will take less time to clean the large area or surface. It is used for cleaning delicate surfaces such as glass, windows, window panels, flower pots, and painted surfaces. You can use it you clean your custom-painted car as well. However, you cannot get rid of stubborn stains and debris using this nozzle. The white nozzle produces a broad forty-degree spraying range: that is ideal for washing off detergent or any chemical. You can also use it for wetting the area before you begin cleaning.


Color #5. Black 

The black is the sixty-five-degree nozzle. It is also known as a detergent nozzle as it is best for distributing soap. This nozzle covers a large surface area but has the lowest pressure. It creates the weakest pressure of all nozzles. It is used for applying detergents to almost all surfaces, including garage, glass, windows, outdoor furniture, patio, and even car. It is also used for the rising of detergent. You may want to find out how to use detergent with pressure washer.


It’s A Wrap! 

At this point, you must have all your confusion cleared about what do the colors on pressure washer tips mean. Always begin with the white nozzle and then pave your way to the highest-pressure nozzle. Remember to be careful while using the high-pressure nozzle. Here’s the pressure noozle chart to check out!

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