What Do Pest Control Use For Roaches? 6 Effective Chemicals

Have you ever wondered what do pest control use for roaches? They usually use gel baits, fumigation, heat treatments, and three chemicals to eliminate these pests.

Roaches are insect pests that often live in moist areas. They usually search for food in food storage places, kitchens, drains, and other areas at night.

what do pest control use for roaches

These pests have foul odors and filthy habits, making some people allergic after frequent exposures. It may become unsafe to ignore roaches, so it is advisable to get rid of them immediately.

Fortunately, you can call for pest controls or solve the situation independently. To help you with that, we provide you with this guide on using different methods and chemicals in getting rid of these roaches.

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What Do Pest Control Professionals Use To Get Rid Of Roaches?

There are six different things you can do to solve your roach problems. These pests are gross and dirty, so do not hesitate to check these methods and chemicals below to keep roaches away!


1. Gel baits

Using gel baits has become the most common way to eliminate roaches, especially indoors. Pest controls often use different insecticides for gel baits in a handy syringe. 

They usually apply these gel baits on areas where roaches usually walk around. You can also put them into cracks and crevices where they hide. 

Roaches will start to die once they ingest these gel baits. Fortunately, when other living insects become in contact with feces and dead pests infected by gel baits, they can die too. 


2. Fumigation

Fumigation is another effective pest control method for roaches. It pertains to sealing off areas where these pests usually live. 

After sealing, they will put fumigant gas inside the areas to kill the roaches. However, they apply other pest controls alongside fumigation in some severe cases.


3. Heat treatment

Doing heat treatments on roaches can kill these pests at any stage of their life cycle. You can eliminate them by heating places where they usually hide or lurk around. 

You need not worry because this method is environment-friendly and chemical-free. Moreover, it does not destroy or affect any of your property.


4. Boric acid

Boric acid application is the most common way of using chemicals for roaches’ elimination. Pest control professionals apply boric acids as dust, where they scatter these to places around the home.

Roaches will get coated with powder once they crawl into the boric acids. Consequently, they can ingest it while cleaning their legs and antennae.

We recommend keeping the areas dry to prolong the effectiveness of the boric acid. 


5. Indoxacarb

This insecticide is often a component of gel baits. Like the above mentioned function of gel baits, roaches can become infected once they ingest Indoxacarb through dead insects and feces.

This chemical can kill up to three generations of roaches.


6. Hydramethylnon

Hydramethylnon can only take effect on roaches when ingested. You can only use this insecticide with roach baits.

Once eaten, roaches can experience disruption in energy production and metabolic processes, leading to death. This method applies best to German Roaches. 


What Do You Need To Do Before Pest Control?

If you cannot handle the roach infestation alone, you can call professional help. Many pest control companies can help you remove the pests inside your house.

However, you will need to consider some things before doing pest controls. Check the following listed below.

  1. Unplug and move all your furniture and appliances to give easy access to pest control professionals to cracks and crevices.
  2. Cover your clothes, toiletries, toys, jewelry, and such with plastic wrapping to protect them with sprays. You can put them inside a cabinet and seal the doors and gaps afterward.
  3. Remove all your bedsheets, pillows, covers, and blankets. If you have pests in your bed, here is how to keep roaches away from bed.
  4. Cover your chairs, tables, and sofas with plastic wraps.
  5. Remove utensils, plates, cups, and other things in the kitchen. You can put food in plastic containers and protect the water outlet of the filter.
  6. Keep your pets away from the pest control process. They can become irritated and sensitive to chemicals.
  7. Remove all toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and other personal hygiene kits inside your bathroom. 


What Do You Need To Do After Pest Control?

On the other hand, we also present you with things you will need to do after the pest control. These tips are as follows:

  1. Wait until everything sets down. If you need to vacate, do not go home unless instructed to do so.
  2. Discard all foods left uncovered. Ingesting things infected by pesticides can be dangerous to one’s health.
  3. Repair water leaks to prevent moisture. Ensure to check the water pipes and drainages.
  4. Wear gloves when handling areas sprayed by insecticides. 
  5. Keep checking possible reinfestations to treat them immediately.
  6. If you still have pests in your home, call pest control professionals. For instance, here is how to get rid of roaches in fridge, if ever you have seen one.



Every house owner should know what do pest control use for roaches. It can give us ideas on solving the pest infestation alone if we cannot call professionals immediately.

Roaches affect our health negatively, so we need to know how to help ourselves with them. Good thing this article has already assisted you with that!

If you have found any roach infestation inside your house, do not waste time and roll into action already!

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