What Do I Say To My Husband On Our 25th Wedding Anniversary

Do not feel overwhelmed with what do I say to my husband on our 25th wedding anniversary because we simplified it into four steps. You can construct the perfect 25th wedding anniversary message that you can say to him or write on the card or letter when celebrating your silver wedding anniversary. 

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what do i say to my husband on our 25th wedding anniversary


What Do I Say To My Husband On Our 25th Wedding Anniversary?


Make it personal for your husband 

The best thing to say to your husband is something personal instead of copying templates from the internet. For example, you can talk about how your spouse is the best by describing his unique characteristics. 

It’s always sentimental to be appreciated, especially with the things you care about. Consider constructing a message about the things he has done for you and the marriage itself, things that are usually unnoticed or taken for granted rather than obvious things. 

Being married for 25 years, you might have also built a family together, so don’t forget to acknowledge your significant other as a fantastic father. And to make it even more touching, include pet names and inside jokes. 


Look back on marriage milestones

The second part of what to say to your spouse for your 25th wedding anniversary includes your marriage’s best memories and milestones. Being together for 25 years is something worth commemorating as it has undoubtedly proven your dedication, love, and loyalty to each other. 

You can look back on how you’ve overcome struggles or the best moments in the marriage. You can also show your appreciation by making sure that you remember how your husband evolved into the best version of himself throughout the years. 

If you’ll give a letter for your 25th wedding anniversary, make it more immersive by including your favorite photos together. If you’ve kept items from different memories and places, put them in the envelope or card. 


Include happy anniversary quotes

As long as the message comes from the heart and you personalized it for your husband, there’s nothing wrong in including the 25th wedding anniversary quotes in your message. They can serve as inspiration or add sweetness to the message. 

If you and your spouse love humor, you can even include jokes regarding the silver wedding anniversary. You can also get creative with the anniversary quotes and make them more applicable to you and your spouse. 

The 25th wedding anniversary is also known as the silver marriage so you can find quotes related to this symbol. And finally, if you have another married couple that you love, they might have given a piece of advice that you can use in the upcoming years.  


Finish your wedding anniversary message with excitement 

To end your message to your husband, say something about how you’re looking forward to the following years of your marriage. Your 25th wedding anniversary is a significant milestone, and the following years can be considered life-changing for couples. 

Look forward to these years and tell your husband how you imagine these next years will be. You can also reassure him and remind him that you always love him and that you’ll have his back through hardships and comfort. 

Speaking of which, why not use your anniversary to renew your wedding vows? Being married for 25 years is perfect because of the many experiences. 

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What Can I Write In My Husband’s Wedding Anniversary Card?

You can say these messages on your 25th wedding anniversary card to show your love and appreciation for your husband. Don’t forget to acknowledge that you’re celebrating your silver marriage anniversary and modify the message personally according to your relationship:

  • Happy anniversary [term of endearment to your spouse]! Thank you for being the best husband, lover, and best friend I could ever hope for. Know that I love you so much, and I’m looking forward to more years with you by my side. 
  • You have been the best husband after all these years. Can you believe it’s been 25 years? I still remember our wedding day. Happy anniversary, my love. 
  • I just want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed being your wife these past 25 years. I can’t wait to annoy you more in the upcoming years. Happy anniversary!
  • Oh my, was it our anniversary? [write a short but sweet message of your favorite memory together]

You can also browse Etsy for a unique and funny anniversary card. Just make sure to write something thoughtful and personal to show your appreciation and love to your husband. 


How Can I Be Happy After 25 Years Of Marriage?

  • Remember your marriage vows
  • Reassure each other that you’re in for the long haul
  • Do not let resentment build-up
  • Do not act or talk without carefully thinking, especially when emotions are high
  • Allow space to change and grow
  • Spend time alone 
  • Always do something special 



And that’s it! You just learned what do I say to my husband on our 25th wedding anniversary by making it personal, talking about the marriage milestones, including anniversary quotes, and ending it with excitement for the upcoming years. 

Overall, make sure to remind your husband how he’s appreciated and acknowledge the silver wedding anniversary as it’s rarely achieved nowadays. We hope this was helpful; let us know below if you have more tips to share.

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