What Do Couples Want In A Wedding Venue

You’ll understand what do couples want in a wedding venue by knowing the expectations from the venue before and during the wedding. If you’re getting married, we’ve included below the top factors to consider when choosing a wedding venue. 

And for couples who already have several venues they want to visit as prospects for their marriage ceremony, you can check this list on what questions to ask a wedding venue. Again, it’s important to prepare questions for venues beforehand, so you can narrow down your options and land the best location for your wedding. 

what do couples want in a wedding venue


Exactly What Do Couples Want In A Wedding Venue


Before the wedding

  • The most popular wedding venues that couples want typically offer packages that include other wedding needs like decors with set-up and breakdown or catering because it’ll be more cost effective for them
  • A wedding venue with an approachable team or director will always be appreciated because it gives the couple a glimpse of how easy it’ll be to communicate their needs and expectations to the wedding venue
  • Wedding venues with portfolios, active social media pages, and excellent client feedback will stand out more because they’re proof that they provide excellent services for weddings
  • If you’re choosing a wedding venue, select a location with a clear cost-breakdown of the price or package
  • Most couples would prefer a venue that would allow them to get as creative as they want with the decors over those with restrictions
  • Weddings are usually a way to reunite with friends and families, so the venue should be easily accessible with good parking and convenient vicinity for hotels 


During the wedding

  • A venue for weddings should be spacious enough to accommodate different guest list sizes
  • Most couples want a venue that would provide different experiences for the guests; this can mean having an area for an intimate ceremony and another location within the site where everyone can dance and get loud during the wedding reception
  • The wedding venue should be comfortable for different kinds of weather 
  • If the venue is outdoors, the facility should have a contingency plan in case of rain or snow
  • Some couples would choose a venue where they can prepare before the wedding ceremony; this can mean rooms for the bride and groom to change into their wedding attire or have their makeup done
  • Comfortable and clean restrooms are always expected for a wedding venue
  • Couples will likely choose venues with basic amenities like electricity and running water for their convenience
  • Venues offering an on-site coordinator or day-of wedding coordinator are booked more 
  • For couples choosing a venue, you should want a location that offers good deals with other wedding vendors for your convenience
  • Weddings do last long, so the venue should have a flexible schedule 


What Do Most Wedding Venues Include?

Whether you’re finding a place for your reception or ceremony or you’re someone interested in having a wedding venue business, here are the things a wedding venue should include knowing how to pick the best one: 

  • Indoor wedding venues typically offer in-house catering 
  • An indoor wedding venue should be able to accommodate a large number of guests
  • Rustic wedding venues like barns and farms typically include decors to match the setting
  • Outdoor venues should be prepared for the weather and are designed for the comfort of the guests
  • Beach wedding venues typically offer different package options for guests to accommodate various budgets and wedding sizes
  • Beach wedding venues are usually provided by resorts to encourage wedding guests to use them as the accommodation and venue for the wedding reception as well
  • Garden wedding venues might include different areas to enable couples to use them for various photoshoots


A la carte vs all-inclusive wedding venues

Not all wedding venues are the same, so you can’t expect a place to provide everything you’ll need for the wedding. Some venues offer the a la carte option, where the couple can pick what they want according to budget and level of personalization. 

On the other hand, an all-inclusive venue is more practical if you have a small budget because it typically has everything you’ll need, such as decors, food, beverage, and sometimes, even the vendors for the wedding. Wedding venues also vary in type and location, so some might be limited with the inclusions they can offer. 

And speaking of setting a budget, here are some tips to help you learn how to find cheap wedding venues


What Is The Most Important Factor While Selecting A Wedding Venue?

It’s hard to pick only one factor to consider for couples finding a wedding venue. Instead, you must create criteria according to your budget, desired wedding location, and venue size when comparing different sites. 

The wedding venue takes a significant portion of the total wedding budget, so you should be realistic with what you can afford. However, the location should also be ideal for your vision for the wedding, and it fits with the theme you’re going for. 

And finally, the venue should comfortably accommodate your guests. Use an event capacity calculator to know how much space each guest should have. 



And that’s it! To recap what do couples want in a wedding venue, they are services, inclusions, and elements that would make the pre-wedding and wedding day easy, comfortable, and practical for the budget. 

We hope you’ve also learned the inclusions you must look for when choosing a venue. And, of course, remember the three critical factors to help you decide on a venue.

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