What Do Bed Bugs Hate? 3 Best Options For You!

Are you interested to know what do bed bugs hate?

As a house owner and such a sleepyhead, you would want to know about this.

what do bed bugs hate

You do not need to worry because we will help you out on this one.

We are here to help you all the time.

Pests are the ones that ruin our mood, good night’s sleep, and sometimes even our furniture.

They are awful and the worst creatures.

But then, just like humans, pests like bed bugs have weaknesses.

Bed bugs also have something to hate that you are about to find out in this article.

You can use these against them, especially when you have seen signs of these crawling, blood-sucking insects.

So prepare your notes and read on!


List Of What Bed Bugs Hate

What is the greatest thing you can do for those things that hinder you from having a good night’s sleep? What do bed bugs hate?

You can do something about that one.

For example, when you hate a person, you usually want to know what can trigger them.

Or maybe something that can be a reason for them to leave immediately the place where they are most abundant.

Bed bugs specifically have a big problem with some scents. These scents can drive them away in an instant.

These things can be sprayed or applied in your room to ensure that they do not keep coming back.

We will list them down to choose which one you can tolerate best and the easiest to apply.


Option #1. Pepper

This option is the easiest option you can choose to have. Pepper can be found in your kitchens.

Every household couldn’t be complete not having pepper. Of course, we commonly use this for food, but you can use it against bed bugs.

Pepper has a scent that is very annoying because it would often smell odd and inappropriate.

It even itches our nose when we smell it. So that could also explain why you can use it against these pests.

What’s nice about this is that it is very affordable and it is easy to find.

So you can grab one and spread it all over your bed.

You can let it rest there for a few minutes, and then you can vacuum it after.


Option #2. Lemon Juice

One of the most practical and affordable things you can use is lemon juice—a citrus fruit.

Most pests like bed bugs do have an off feeling towards citrus. That explains why lemon is effective.

You can buy lemons in stores in your locality, but you can also pick if you do have these in your backyards.

Squeeze lemon and get all the juices inside it, making sure it will not go to waste, then set aside.

To limit and control the amount of lemon juice getting sprayed, you need to use a spray bottle.

You can have a standard size spray, but a bigger one would be better to mix it all nicely.

Have some water in the spray bottle, and then add lemon juice. Make sure that it is balanced.

And then you can try to spray it on the bed but make sure that it is not too much, or else it will soak.


Option #3. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is very famous since it has many good effects on people’s health and other aspects.

You can always check on it in some articles found online that prove the benefits it has.

It is known to be antibacterial, which means that its scent can trigger pests like bed bugs.

There are specific things that bed bugs hate, and the tea tree oil has it all. The aroma coming from this one is powerful.

You can’t apply this on your bed, but you can diffuse this in some parts of your bedroom. You can also blend it with air freshener bowls.

In that way, you will be able to spread the scent all over the room strongly. You can also opt to put one under your bed.

You can also try some essential oils and other options to rub on your skin.

Which works for you, go for it. Keep trying!


Would this kill them?

To answer your question, no. It will not kill those pesky bugs directly; it will make them weak or prevent them from coming closer to your skin.

And as time passes by, they might get weaker than they ever are. Then maybe it can result in the bugs’ death.

Still unsure of that one but what makes it most out of it is that these smells can lessen their strength.

One of the biggest things they can’t resist is the smell diffused in the area where they are staying.

In that way, they will not be as active as they were in the past days and nights, and maybe you can lessen the attack.



And we are at the end of our article, hoping that you have retained all the learnings we have shared.

With that, we have answered, “What do bed bugs hate?” You now have an idea of how to eliminate them.

If you want to know what attracts bed bugs, click here.

Nevertheless, find the best options you could have and seek others when one does not work.