What Do Bed Bug Eggs Look Like? Plus 4 Easy Steps On How To Prevent Infestation!

You might want to prevent a bed bug infestation in your home and wonder, “what do bed bug eggs look like?

There are some distinct characteristics that these eggs have, which enables you to distinguish them from other insect eggs.

what do bed bug eggs look like

It’s uncontrollable to have pests lingering in your home, but there are always some ways to eliminate them.

And to prevent an infestation, you should start by getting rid of the eggs.

This article will inform you about identifying and locating bed bug eggs and getting rid of them.

So, stay with us until the very end.


Steps In Preventing Bed Bug Infestation And Bed Bugs Egg Look Like

We should start by locating where the eggs are gathered and learning what do bed bug eggs look like.

Preventing the eggs from hatching will stop them from causing more harm to you and your home.

So, we have gathered some of the most helpful steps in eliminating bed bug eggs.

And here they are:


Step #1. Learn about the appearance of bed bug eggs

It would be hard to distinguish bed bug eggs from other eggs of organisms and insects of similar size.

However, if you look closely, there will be some distinct details.

Nymphs, or immature bed bugs, are also hard to notice because of their size.

How much more if it’s an egg?

They are believed to be very tiny, like poppy seeds, about the size of a dust spec.

Well, we might need some magnifying glass, do you agree?

In terms of color, they appear to be translucent or pearl-white, which are impossible to spot in the dark.

The naked eye can only notice them if they are more than five days old.


Step #2. Locate them

The eggs can be located where mature bed bugs nest since this site is where the female bed bug laid them.

If you happen to find a combination of unhatched eggs and hatched eggshells.

Some of them have already turned into nymphs.

It is because they don’t hatch simultaneously.

So, spend more time observing the infestation site.

Since this is where adult bed bugs nest and hatch their eggs.

Here are some of the most common areas that you could check for bug eggs:


Location#1. Inside or under your mattress

Most of these bugs will concentrate on your mattress.

They love to hide in tight areas and places that are near their prey.

So, once you indulge yourself in having a good sleep.

These pests will start to crawl out and feed themselves.


Other locations (which could be due to their tight and dark spaces):

– Bed frame or box spring

– Furniture, such as your couch and shelves

– Home appliances, light switches, outlets, etc

– Behind picture frames and wallpapers

– Cracks and crevices

– Under the carpets


Since you could find bed bugs in almost every area of your house.

We suggest that you terminate them immediately.

Hence, start protecting your household by taking immediate action.


Step #3. Try getting rid of them using household products and appliances

There are plenty of methods to get rid of bed bug eggs.

For household products, you might miss some of the unhatched eggs and leave them untouched.

However, this error will still result in them hatching and multiplying.

On the other hand, you can destroy eggs through chemicals in household products.

But, some are very resistant and indestructible.

The following are some ways that you could try:


Way #1. Use a stiff or firm brush

Stiff brushes are primarily used to scrub or dislodge dirt that has dried on surfaces.

These brushes are made of rigid bristles.

When you try to rub them in your hand, they will feel somewhat painful and intolerable.

Using this brush can help you disturb the eggs’ surface and the infestation area, which will kill them.

However, it won’t be handy if the bed bug eggs are located in narrow areas and tiny cracks.


Way #2. Try using a vacuum

Similar to the previous idea, this suggestion could not provide you 100% proficiency, but there’s no harm in trying.

The vacuum could be beneficial on infestation areas that are easy to reach.

Such as your mattress, sides, and edges of your walls, behind your furniture, etc.

You may wish to increase the suction power of your appliance.

Removing the vacuum cleaner’s attachment or accessory.

Note that vacuums have bristle attachments.

Don’t use this when getting rid of the eggs since it can scatter them all over the room.

What’s worse is that they can fall on nearby objects and result in more infestation areas.


Way #3. Spray pesticides or use rubbing alcohol

The chemicals on these products could affect the system of both adult bed bugs and their eggs.

They say that mixing products with neonicotinoid, chemically similar to nicotine, and pyrethroid.

Found in household insecticides, could destroy about 80% of the eggs.

However, this percentage is not enough to be satisfied.


Step #4. Call in an exterminator

If you still happen to observe tiny eggshells and suspect a bed bug infestation in your household, it’s time to call in a professional.

Bed bug exterminators spray your entire household with efficient chemicals that can surely kill these pests.

Additionally, they are trained not to leave any area of your home unprotected from bed bug infestation.



That’s it!

We have tackled the question, “what do bed bug eggs look like?”

We also included how to locate and eliminate them.

So, we hope that this article could help you in preventing bed bug infestation in your household.

Visit this article for more guides and interesting facts!

Thank you!

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