What Diameter Curtain Rod For Grommet Curtains? 

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what diameter curtain rod for grommet curtains

Curtains with grommets are not the same as the usual and customary curtains you have that have rod pockets.

The area where you will be inserting your rod is called a rod pocket for curtains that do not have one. They use grommets.

You might not know what grommets are, but you will understand as we tackle this topic later on.

It is necessary to know the size of the curtain rod needed for grommet curtains, or else your rod will not pass through.

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What Are Grommets?

Your grommets are the ones that you use as guides for your curtain poles or known as your curtain rod.

These are also known as eyelets.

It is a ring that is being etched on the top part of your curtains.

Without the rod pocket, you will still have space to make holes and insert these rings on the fabric.

It will enhance the wrinkles and the curtains, and it will also help the curtain look even more precise.

You can utilize this one for so many purposes.

So, it is all up to you, but these are important, making your curtains look good.

Then again, the sophistication it can give in to your curtains is just extraordinary.

The only problem with this one is that it might not be big enough for your curtain rods.

Although they have a wide variety of sizes.

Nevertheless, let’s proceed to the main topic: What diameter curtain rod for grommet curtains?


What Diameter Of Curtain Rod For Grommet Curtains? 

Here are the options you can have upon choosing what size of rods are needed for your curtain grommets:

When you want to make sure that your curtain rod would fit in, make sure that you have at least ¼ inch of space in between.

In that way, the curtain grommets will slide nicely on the rod if you want to close the curtains.

This one is a good option for you. Any grommet should have that distance from the rod.

A typical example is when you have usually sized grommets about 1 5/8 inches of grommets.

You will need a rod that is about 1 3/8 inches rod in diameter.

That will perfectly fit and have some allowances.

That will allow the curtain to move freely and easily. It is a good combination, if ever.

Just remember that you have to leave at least ¼ inch from the rod to your grommets.

You can measure your grommets’ diameter and find a rod with a diameter that measures ¼ smaller than it.


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Where can I buy grommet curtains?

You can think of this in two ways. It’s either you install the grommets on your curtains or buy one that has it already.

It is locally available in stores near your house, and it can also be available in some shops online.

Both can be an option, but it should depend on your preference. Just make sure that you choose right and proper.

In buying these things online, you are free from the stress of facing people, and it can be safer for you.

It can lessen your contact with people.

You can check for the quality and feedbacks right on the review site and area.

Or just surf through many sites online if you prefer doing so.

Well then, it depends on you.

Another one is to buy it locally.

If you opt to buy one at this time of the pandemic, you should be very careful.

It also has the benefits of why it is good to purchase locally.

You can quality check the product you want to buy and ask advice from the persons working inside the store you chose to visit.

They can help you decide what and how you should correctly choose your grommet curtains and rod.


How much would a grommet curtain cost?

When you want to purchase a grommet curtain, it would typically just cost the same price range as the normal ones.

It will still depend on the fabric type and how you made it.

People go for quality than quantity.

So you better check out the excellent quality curtains, or else you will regret not having them.

You can say that roughly $200 – $1000 would be enough for beautiful and nice quality grommet curtains.

It is free to seek things. You can research these things and make sure that you manage to get answers.



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