What Colors Go With Sage Green For A Wedding

If you’re unsure what colors go with sage green for a wedding, there are three trendy color combinations to try. We will discuss using neutral, pastel, and metallic color palettes if you want a sage-green-themed wedding. 

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what colors go with sage green for a wedding


Exactly What Colors Go With Sage Green For A Wedding: 3 Trendy Sage Green Wedding Color Palettes



Neutrals are classic wedding colors for a reason, and they’d be a safe choice to go with sage green for weddings. You don’t risk having an overwhelming palette, and neutrals are flattering on venues and people alike. 

Pair sage with light neutral colors like ivory or cream for a dreamy and romantic garden wedding. You can blend sage green with slightly darker neutrals like tan or gray. Green can also be your statement color to contrast the majority of the light-colored wedding. 

For example, you might have a traditional white wedding, so incorporate sage floral arrangements at the venue. Sage green can also be the color of the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen’s suits to complement the off-white groom’s tuxedo and white bridal gown. 



Try pastels when building your sage green wedding colors if you want something more interesting and upbeat than neutrals. The look will be reminiscent of sweets like macarons, and the colors will make a spring wedding look livelier. 

Consider a sage green wedding accentuated by blush for a charming but classy color scheme. For a colorful but tasteful wedding theme with sage, you can also opt for pastel blues and purples. 

Pastel-colored fabric draping, backdrops, and stationery can make your sage green and white wedding look more mesmerizing. Consider a dessert table in these colors for an eye-pleasing and tasty experience for the guests.


Gold and silver

Metallic colors like gold and silver have always been trendy for a regal wedding theme. And the good news is the sage green wedding color can combine tastefully with them. 

For example, sage green and silver can look sophisticated and modern if you find white and sage green too dull. The lustrous silver will especially look great for a sage green winter wedding. 

On the other hand, gold can be your accent color with sage green and another color like a pastel or neutral. For a royal look, you can use golden tableware, vases, candle holders, and lights around the venue. 


What Season Is Sage Green Wedding?

You are not limited by the season for sage green weddings. The sage wedding color applies to a spring, summer, fall, and winter wedding as it can be combined with other colors. 

For example, pastel and sage green wedding colors fit a spring wedding, while fall and winter weddings can have sage green with metallic colors or neutral palettes. The wedding colors for a summer wedding can have some reds and blues that can be accompanied by sage green as well. 

But most wedding decorators think sage green looks best for a fall or winter wedding. White accentuated by sage green looks perfect for a snow backdrop, while neutrals with sage green can create a rustic but classy wedding outdoors. 

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Is Sage Green A Fall Wedding Color?

Sage green can be considered a fall wedding color since it pairs well with classic fall wedding colors like reds and browns. It will add variety and freshness to this warm fall color palette and can be the green shade you’ll incorporate into your fall wedding floral arrangements. 

Sage green for a fall wedding can also be a soft theme as you pair it with different shades of white and light browns. Gray and blue can also be your sage green wedding color palette companions if the wedding is indoors. 

But, of course, do not go overboard when creating wedding color combinations. Stick to three to four colors maximum to avoid having mismatched decorations. 


What Accent Color Goes With Sage Green?

As a wedding color, sage green is usually paired with soothing colors like neutrals and pastels. However, your accent should be something lustrous, bold, or bright. 

Consider gold or silver as accents for sage green. Dark reds and blues can also bring everything together in the wedding venue as accent colors. 

But for these contrasting combinations, use softer colors like ivory or gray to balance out your wedding palette. You can also try other shades of green, especially for a spring wedding when different greeneries and flowers are abundant


Can A Bride Wear A Sage Green Wedding Dress?

Brides are no longer limited to wearing a white bridal gown, so they are free to wear a sage green wedding dress if they want to. The earthy grayish green tone suits any wedding season and even themes like boho or rustic. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap what colors go with sage green for a wedding, try neutrals, pastels, and gold or silver. 

The good news is sage green applies to any wedding season, so it’s versatile for decorating. You can also have your bridal party wear this color in contrast to the white wedding gown. 

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