What Colors Go With Royal Blue For A Wedding: Best 6

Those who want to know what colors go with royal blue for a wedding can consider six colors. You can use them to make a wedding color palette, but remember that you don’t need all of them for the wedding. 

It shouldn’t intimidate couples to try non-traditional wedding colors for their union. Please browse our blog for color guides if you don’t want a classic white wedding. 

what colors go with royal blue for a wedding

For example, here are what colors go with plum for a wedding


What Colors Go With Royal Blue For A Wedding: Wedding Color Palettes


  • Pink

When deciding what colors go with royal blue for a wedding, pink might not immediately come to mind as imagining them can make you think they’ll be too intense. However, their combination won’t be tacky because you’ll only use pink as accent colors on a few wedding elements. 

For example, include pink flowers in some of the arrangements throughout the royal blue wedding. The bridesmaids can have bouquets with some pink flowers, or you’ll use pink flowers on the wedding centerpieces.

You can also use some pink fabrics to decorate the chairs or add this color to some wedding draping. However, both colors are intense, so use soft and neutral colors when building a royal blue and pink color palette. 


  • White

One of the safest colors that pair with royal blue for a wedding is white. You can use predominantly royal blue for your wedding, then balance and soften it with white. 

You can also have a white wedding and then use blue to add variation to the color palette. For example, the bride can still wear a white wedding dress as her bridesmaids will wear royal blue.

You can also use royal blue on your reception table arrangements, the wedding arch, or accents on the wedding columns. These two combinations are usually enough, but you can consider adding some dark red or yellow if you find them too bland. 


  • Yellow 

If you’re having a summer or beach wedding, consider yellow to match with royal blue. These two give bright and happy vibes, perfect for the couple who want to emanate positive energy for their wedding. 

Try having a bouquet with yellow flowers as you wear a royal blue wedding gown. You can also have the bridesmaids wear yellow shoes with their royal blue dresses.

For the venue, use yellow on your cake, chairs, tables, and even some of the draping. Yellow even adds a pop of personality to wedding cards and signs. 


  • Teal 

If you don’t want a striking contrast with royal blue, a classy combination to try for the wedding is teal and royal blue. Have your wedding party in alternating teal and royal blue colors for a calm and pleasant look. 

At the ceremony venue, teal can adorn your wedding arch or chairs. You can also use teal as your table runners on blue tables at the reception.

You can also have a teal wedding with royal blue as the accent color. This combination is perfect for a classy wedding. 


  • Peach

If you find yellow too intense with royal blue, use peach as your accent color at the wedding instead. Peach is not too overwhelming, but it’s contrasting enough to make the venue interesting. 

Use peach on the wedding fabrics and colors. You can also experiment with peach decors all over the reception. 

Then, add white or a lighter shade of blue to finish the wedding palette. Limit the colors to three to prevent a tacky look.


  • Silver

Some might find white too flat-looking to combine with royal blue. So an alternative for this color is silver for the wedding. 

Consider metallic or glittery silver accents all over the wedding. Perhaps you’ll have metallic chairs for the wedding ceremony. 

Your groom can also rock a grayish silver suit. And of course, silver decors on the lights and fixtures will always look elegant for any wedding. 


Is Royal Blue Good For Weddings?

There are no rules that limit couples on the color they can have for the wedding. So unless you’re having a traditional and conservative event, you can have a royal blue wedding.

Is this color good for a wedding? It depends on the color palette because royal blue is intense and eye-catching. 

Please do not go overboard with colors, and limit them to three. You also want not to have a monochromatic blue look.


What Colors Go With Royal Blue Dress For A Wedding?

For bridesmaids who will be wearing a royal blue dress for the wedding, consider these colors to add to your attire. Use them on your accessories, jewelry, shoes, or bag. 

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Peach
  • Navy blue


You can also read how to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding because navy blue and royal blue share some similar tones. Just remember to keep etiquette in mind and aim not to look eye-catching since it’s the bride’s day. 



And that’s it! To recap what colors go with royal blue for a wedding, you have six colors to choose from. 

Build a wedding palette by combining royal blue with two more colors. You can choose from pink, white, yellow, teal, peach, and silver. 

You can even use royal blue as the accent color. We hope this helps; let us know below if you like them!

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