What Colors Go With Plum For A Wedding

If you’re unsure what colors go with plum for a wedding, try lavender, mauve, navy blue, green, or gold. We will talk about incorporating them, whether on the outfits or decorations at the venue. 

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what colors go with plum for a wedding


Best Colors Go With Plum For A Wedding



One of the best colors for plum when creating a wedding palette is lavender. The approach is more monochromatic, and you can even add other shades of violet with this combination. 

How can you incorporate lavender in a plum-themed wedding? For starters, this color is light enough for bridesmaid dresses. 

They will complement the bride without overshadowing her, and they will still fit with the overall wedding theme. You can also request lavender as additional color on your guests’ outfits, where they can wear a lavender scarf, coat, or even shoes. 



If lavender is excellent as the bridesmaid dresses on a plum-themed wedding, then you can use mauve for the groomsmen’s attire. The result is a classy and aesthetic color scheme without looking incoherent. 

The groomsmen can wear mauve suits with a lighter shade of purple for their shirts and boutonnieres with plum flowers. You can also use mauve for the color of your wedding invitations that have plum decorations. 

Mauve can even be among the colors seen in the dessert station at the wedding reception. Perhaps your wedding cake has mauve icing, or the desserts like cupcakes and macarons are in this yummy color. 


Navy Blue

The rich color of plum will pair well with navy blue for a wedding. For one, navy blue can be the color of the accessories and jewelry that the wedding party wears. 

The bridesmaids can have navy blue pendants, earrings, or even ribbons in their corsage. On the other hand, the groomsmen can incorporate navy blue in their ties and pocket squares. 

But besides having navy blue on the outfits, you can combine it with plum when decorating the venue. Navy blue suits the table cloths and drapings around the location. 



Green is an exciting color to combine with plum for a wedding. This is because it’s not a drastic contrast, but the result won’t look too monochromatic. 

Have the floral arrangements around the reception filled with greenery. You can also ask the florist to make you a cascading plum-themed bridal bouquet with many greenery and filler flowers. 

Some other specific types of green that will go with plum are teal and earth tone types of greens. You can alternate the table cloths with green and plum or fill the spaces with green garlands. 



Finally, why not go with something bold and unique like gold to incorporate in your plum wedding color palette. For starters, it can be a jewelry choice for the guests. 

If you’re giving plum-colored wedding invites or favors, you can also use gold color to embellish and decorate them for a classier finish. For example, the writings and designs on the invitation can be gold, and you can use gold itself as the box or bag with plum bows when giving out wedding favors. 

Another instance where you can use gold in a wedding is the table set up. The plates can be gold-colored, and even the chairs themselves contrast the plum scheme at the reception. 

Besides plum, gold also looks good with green, as you can see here on what color goes with emerald green for a wedding


What Color Goes With Purple For Wedding?



Silver can make a fantastic contrast to purple when decorating a wedding. For example, you can have flower arrangements with mainly purple flowers, then use silver to contrast colors. 



Blue can be incorporated in a purple wedding by using it to color the wedding party’s attire. For example, the groomsmen can wear a blue suit, or the bridesmaids have this color to complement the bride. 



Do not be afraid by combining pink with purple for your wedding. It wouldn’t look tacky and overwhelming, especially when you add neutral colors to tone down the intensity of the two colors. 



Like plum, purple will also look good with green for a wedding. You can use it to alternate the purple decorations around the venue or have green garlands and vines around the arch, ceiling, or even columns in the reception. 



If you’re feeling extra bold, orange will be a fantastic color to use with purple for a wedding. The men can wear purple suits, and their boutonnieres can have orange details similar to the flowers that the bride and bridesmaids have. 


What Colors Go With Eggplant For A Wedding?

A color quite similar to plum that you can consider for your wedding is eggplant. This dark color looks sophisticated and classy for the wedding guest outfits or even as the primary motif of the venue. 

Consider colors like mauve, gray, ivory, and green when creating an eggplant wedding palette. They will enhance the color and make the scheme more suitable for formal weddings. 



And that’s it! We just learned what colors go with plum for a wedding: lavender, mauve, navy blue, green, and gold.

You can incorporate them in outfits, accessories, accents, flower arrangements, decorations, to even table setups. Overall, do not be afraid with colors like plum for your wedding as they can be fun and let you get imaginative. 


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