What Colors Go With Mint Green For A Wedding

You have four options on what colors go with mint green for a wedding. Try building a palette for your mint green-themed wedding using these options, or consider them as pairings with mint green for the wedding outfits and decors.

Do you have other specific wedding colors in mind as well? Feel free to browse our blog for styling guides on unique wedding colors. 

what colors go with mint green for a wedding

For example, what colors go with emerald green for a wedding or what colors go with plum for a wedding


What Colors Go Best With Mint Green For A Wedding?



One of the best colors to pair with mint green includes other lighter and darker shades of green. You’ll be going for a mostly green wedding, with mint green as the primary color. 

Then, use a dark shade of green as the accent color and a light-toned green for added variety. The result is refreshing and ideal both for indoor and outdoor weddings. 

An example of using this palette is if the bridesmaids wear mint green, the groomsmen can wear dark green-colored suits. You can also apply this color combination for the flower arrangements and greeneries around the wedding reception, but consider adding white flowers to balance the look.



If you don’t want an entirely green-themed wedding, a color that can match the freshness and softness of mint green is peach. Their combination is charming to the eyes, and you can also add the traditional wedding color white when creating a wedding palette. 

You can apply the combination by having peach outfits for the best man and maid of honor, then mint green for the rest of the wedding party. The bridal bouquet can also have peach and mint green with white flowers and greenery. 

Some other ways to apply peach and mint green to your wedding are in your wedding invitations, wedding guest favors, desserts, and other items related to the occasion. For example, peach centerpieces would look aesthetically pleasing if you had mint green cloths for your reception tables. 


Navy blue

If you’re not a mint green and peach type of person, an alternative but interesting color choice is navy blue instead. Navy blue and mint green look surprisingly good together, as the darkness of navy makes the perfect accent for the light tone of mint green. 

You can incorporate this color combination not just in your wedding party’s outfits. For example, the corsages and bouquets can have navy blue ribbons or flowers, or the garlands around the reception can use navy blue fabrics, so the atmosphere is not too light. 

Try navy blue balloons or have them as the color for your lounge setup if your reception has these types of decors. You can also switch the combination where navy blue is the more dominant color with the mint green accent color.



The mentioned colors, green, peach, and navy blue can make a wedding palette with mint green. But if you still find the combination too flat, gray would be perfect for adding. 

A mint green, white, and gray, or mint green with any of the colors mentioned plus gray are palettes you can consider for the wedding. Gray being neutral but not intense is universally flattering, and you don’t risk over styling or decorating with it. 

The groom and his groomsmen can wear gray while the bride and her bridesmaids can combine white and mint green. So you can have these two colors equally distributed when designing your wedding arch, backdrop, draping, or even tables with wedding decorations. 


Does Gold Or Silver Go Better With Mint Green?

If mint green is the color you’re wearing for a wedding, both gold and silver will complement it as your accessories. Silver creates a softer look, while gold adds warmth to the lightness of mint green. 

You can also have these colors in your shoes, bag, belt, and other additions to your outfit. And if you’re considering adding gold and silver when decorating for your mint green-themed wedding, then go for it. 

Silver and mint green would be perfect for a winter wedding, while gold and mint green look nice for summer or fall weddings. Consider the venue of the wedding as well to influence your wedding decorations. 


What Colors Go With Green Wedding?

Deciding on the colors to use in a green wedding depends on the dominant green color. Darker shades of green need colors to bring out their liveliness, while softer green tones need darker colors for visual variety. 

  • Other shades of green
  • Tan
  • White
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Mustard
  • Gold


Is Green A Lucky Wedding Color?

Green can be considered a lucky wedding color associated with wealth, love, and nature. A healthy marriage can always benefit from these three to have prosperous and thriving years to come. 

If you want an eco-friendly wedding, you should consider green as your central theme. This color is even considered modern and fresh than darker shades of green for a wedding. 



And that’s it! We discussed what colors go with mint green for a wedding: green, peach, navy blue, and gray. 

You can consider them when building a wedding color palette. However, a helpful tip is to use only three colors to avoid having an overwhelming look at the wedding. 

We hope this helps; leave us a question if you have any. 

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