What Colors Go With Gold For A Wedding: Best Palettes

If you’re unsure what colors go with gold for a wedding, consider two wedding color palettes. Dark and light colors will go with gold to suit different types of weddings. 

We will also share tips on having an elegant gold wedding by combining it with different tones and shades. But if you prefer rose gold to the classic yellow gold color, read what color goes with rose gold for a wedding

what colors go with gold for a wedding


Gold Wedding Color Palettes: What Colors Go With Gold For A Wedding?


Dark wedding color palette

There are different shades of gold colors, but for the classic warm gold with yellow undertones, the best colors to match them are dark. Consider a royal look for your wedding by choosing between burgundy, dark purple, navy blue, and emerald green to match gold for the wedding theme. 

A sample palette to try with gold is gold with any of these dark colors plus white or any related neutral shade like off-white or ivory. Consider any of these dark colors as your accent to add interest to the venue. 

For example, if your main elements around the wedding venue are gold, incorporate small details and decors in navy blue, emerald green, or burgundy. Then, to balance it out, include the classic wedding color that is white in your fabrics. 


Light wedding color palette

If you find dark colors not suitable for the time or season of your gold wedding, pale and light colors will also match well with this royal color. For example, incorporate cream, peach, or blush pink for a romantic wedding color scheme. 

What color to choose will depend on the vibe you want your wedding to convey. For example, partner your gold paper with light-colored fonts in your wedding stationery for a romantic theme. 

If your wedding outfit has gold details, you can balance them with these soft shades. This light wedding color palette is even suitable for a traditional and conservative wedding or if you want a gold wedding that is not too extravagant. 


Is It Okay To Match Gold And Silver Together For A Wedding?

When deciding what colors pair well with a gold wedding color, do not hesitate to consider silver. Silver goes with gold because the cool and warm tones balance each other out. 

But as for the accessories and jewelry, it might be better to choose one of the two for a more cohesive and sophisticated look. For example, pair your gold necklace with gold earrings, or if you wear silver accents, your bridal hair accessories should also be silver. 

As for using a gold and silver palette for the wedding decors, silver can balance out gold so that it can be your details around the venue. Incorporate silver centerpieces and flatware in your gold table setup, for example.  


Is Gold An Elegant Color For A Wedding?

Gold’s elegance and glamor make it popular, especially for modern weddings. It would be a classy choice, regardless of having an extravagant or lowkey wedding. 

Furthermore, there are different shades of gold, so you can select whichever suits the season or underlying wedding theme. But of course, be realistic with how you’ll incorporate it into your wedding elements, so it wouldn’t look cheap or forced. 


What Does The Gold Color Signify In Marriage?

Gold is the traditional wedding band choice as it represents wealth and warmth. Furthermore, people tend to relate gold with luxury because of its price, so having gold at the wedding can symbolize prosperity. 


Best Color Combination For Wedding

Other than knowing what colors go with gold, it would be best that you know how to match colors to create the best palette for the look you’re going for at your wedding. Be familiar with the classic and modern color schemes and use your wedding venue, time, season, and formality to decide what colors to use. 

  • Dark green, white, and light pink
  • Dark blue and pastels
  • Brown, gold, and off-white
  • Different shades of blue, green, and yellow
  • Peach, white, and green
  • Dark green, yellow, and light brown
  • Earth tones and neutrals
  • Gem colors and silver or off-white
  • Gold and white
  • Gold and dark colors
  • Silver and blue
  • Rose gold and gold

For more tips on building a wedding theme, refer to how to pick wedding colors


Romantic Wedding Color Schemes

If you close your eyes and imagine a romantic wedding theme, there’s no doubt that pastels, blush pinks, and colors like champagne and ivory come to mind. From here, you can build a palette. 

You can also consider these romantic palettes, whichever suits your wedding venue best:

  • Olive green, off-white, pastel purple, and crimson red
  • Champagne pink, peach, mauve, navy blue, and ivory
  • Dark green, mint, tan, pastel pink, and dark red
  • Wine, gold, blush pink, silver, and brown
  • Experiment with pastels and earth tones



And that’s it! You just learned what colors go with gold for a wedding, including dark gem colors and soft colors like pastels and pale shades. 

You can even combine gold with rose gold or silver. Gold is perfect for the wedding theme as it represents prosperity and generosity, so do not hesitate to consider it for your palette. 

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