What Colors Go With Burgundy Sofa: 4 Latest Colors

We have four options for those who want to know what colors go with burgundy sofa. We will even help you create the perfect and most stylish color scheme for the living room. So what colors are they?

Let’s discuss why green, yellow, brown, and white make the perfect pair with burgundy furniture. 

what colors go with burgundy sofa


What Colors Go Well With A Burgundy Couch?



An example of a color that will go well when decorating with a burgundy sofa is green. You want shades of green like hunter, forest, and ivory green to make the burgundy color of the furniture stand out more. Consider using these colors for the rug underneath or even on larger surfaces like the walls and curtains. 

Earth tones are among the trends, so you can use them as inspiration when creating a color scheme. Burgundy should go well with earth tones, especially if it’s a focal point like the sofa and the rest of the room is various shades of green. Besides a burgundy couch, note that green is also among the colors that go with a brown sofa, further confirming this effective color palette. 



Yellow is one of the colors that go with a black couch, but did you know that the cool burgundy sofa will also look best when styled with yellow. Understandably, it can be intimidating to decorate with bright colors like yellow. However, you can always get yellow tones that have a base that’s closer to burgundy.

You can use yellow for the throw pillows over burgundy upholstery. Another fantastic way to incorporate yellow in a living room with a burgundy couch is to paint some of the walls with it. You can use it directly behind the sofa or even in a large canvas picture that goes at the back of the couch. 



Burgundy furniture will pair well with brown. For example, add light brown shades around the room to create a neutral color scheme. What’s fantastic with brown, beige, and tans is they are even easy to style and decorate with. 

You can also consider light and neutral shades of brown for the walls or floors of the living room. You don’t need to drastically change these existing parts because you can use brown carpets and wallpapers. Some darker brown shades can also work, but remember to add light to the room via the windows or lamps. 



If you want to make the living room look bigger, complement your burgundy furniture with white. You don’t immediately need to paint the walls white, but incorporating white decor will help balance the rich color of burgundy. Opt for white throw pillows, blankets, rugs on the burgundy couch. 

You can even use white furniture pieces such as tables, accent chairs, or drawers around the living room. Note that stark white is not the only white shade available. Warm tones of white should also help enhance the burgundy couch. 


What Accent Colors Go With Burgundy Furniture?

The accent colors that will go well with burgundy furniture include blue, pink, and gold. You can use them for the smaller decorations around the room and then other neutral colors as the secondary color. Wooden and metallic accents should also pair nicely with burgundy sofas. 

When looking for accent colors for a burgundy couch, avoid very dark colors. They can make the room look too gloomy or intense, especially if it doesn’t receive natural light as much. However, some dark colors like black can work with burgundy furniture as long as the large surfaces like walls and floors are neutral-colored. 


Is Burgundy And Maroon The Same Color?

Burgundy and maroon are not the same color despite looking like them. Instead, you can easily distinguish a burgundy sofa from a maroon sofa because it’s brighter and closer to purple. On the contrary, maroon furniture has a brownish tinge than purple, making it darker and warmer. 


Do burgundy and maroon go together?

Burgundy and maroon can look well together, especially if you’re going for a monochromatic living room. Perhaps you can have other bulky furniture pieces as maroon to complement your burgundy sofa. Of course, a fantastic color to go with this pairing would be brown, but don’t forget to introduce other light colors to brighten up the room. 


What Color Goes With Maroon Couches?

A maroon sofa should look fantastic with gray, brown, orange, and some shades of blue like navy. You want to find colors that are leaning towards neutrals than brighter and vibrant colors. You can even use nature as an inspiration and include brown and green with brown undertones in the room. 


What Is The Difference Between Wine And Burgundy Color?

If burgundy is a combination of red and purple, does it mean that it’s the same as wine? The answer is yes because it’s associated with the Burgundy wine from the same-named region in France. Therefore, decorating a wine couch will be the same when decorating a burgundy couch. 



If you don’t want to get a red couch immediately, perhaps burgundy is a safer color choice. But what colors go with burgundy sofa? You can choose from green, yellow, brown, and white.

These colors would make fantastic paint when decorating a living room with burgundy furniture. You can also use them for styling the sofa with pillows and other decors around the room. We hope you enjoyed this styling guide, and we’re looking forward to knowing how your burgundy sofa turns out. 


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