What Colors Go With Brown Sofa: 7 Styles To Try

If you want to know what colors go with brown sofa, we present you with seven stylish options! You’ll always be in the trend using this color decorating guide that is tailored to brown furniture. And best of all, you should easily find the color that will also complement your other room items in this extensive list. 

Is your brown couch made of leather? We have written a similar guide to know what color goes with a brown leather sofa. It’s helpful to check that because the sofa material can also influence what color will pair with it best.


What Colors Go With A Brown Couch?



One of the safest colors to combine with a brown sofa is white. For example, try painting the room’s wall with white to create the perfect base for decorating. The advantage of white walls for interior decorating is you don’t need to worry about what other colors to use, and white itself makes sure that your brown furniture will become the focal point. 



Does the living room get a lot of natural light, or can you introduce artificial light with lamps and other decorations? If this is the case, don’t be afraid to decorate your brown sofa with black. Matte black complimenting a brown couch can create a sophisticated feel to the room without overwhelming newbie decorators. 



Following a monochromatic scheme will always be timeless for living rooms. For example, why not decorate a brown couch and the room itself with other shades, patterns, and textures of brown? You can also use wooden accents or warm shades with brown undertones for the floor or wall. 



Those who want the living room to look inviting can consider using warm and earthy tones like orange or copper. After all, you also need the living room to be welcoming, especially for social events. Learn how to mix and match pillows on the sofa to find what will best compliment brown furniture. 



Pink may not be the most common color for decorating with brown, but you might surprise yourself with this color combination. For example, if your sofa is in a timber brown color, try using pastel pink or dusty pink around the room. Space will look relaxing and light while still maintaining class. 



Cool colors go well together for the living room. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see a brown sofa working well with blue. Cool blue and cool brown looks modern but can still use other exciting colors such as yellow for depth. 



Green is among the wall colors that go best with a brown sofa. This combination is incredibly charming if your couch is an antique and the green color has a brown tone to it. Then, decorate the rest of the room with lighter shades of green and brown to create an earthy vibe. 


Do Gray Walls Go With Brown Sofa?

If you don’t want to use shades that are too neutral, like white or beige, consider using gray walls to complement your brown furniture. Gray and brown can create a luxurious look, especially if the sofa has wooden accents. However, don’t forget to introduce light and softer colors to bring everything together. 


What Color Pillows Look Good On A Dark Brown Couch?

Deciding on the pillow colors for a dark brown couch is not as difficult as it seems. You can either go the monochromatic route or play with contrast. Brown, beige, or colors with a hint of brown should look good with a dark brown sofa. 

On the other hand, contrasting light colors such as blue or orange will also pair well with a dark brown sofa. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if your furniture uses fabric or leather because dark brown is one of the most versatile shades to decorate with. And speaking of leather, it would look more stylish to put a throw on the leather sofa as well, significantly if the pattern contrasts the dark brown. 


How Can I Brighten Up My Living Room With Brown Furniture?



You can play with various decorations, depending on your living room’s theme. But because you already use brown furniture, consider bright and dark colors. Then, introduce variety with the help of carpets, tapestries, paintings, shelves, or even pottery. 

Throw pillows can use prints or solid colors that offer depth to the plain brown couch. In addition, there is a wonderful array of chair colors that go with a brown leather sofa for functionality and style. You can even use lighter shades for the walls or flooring to make the room look brighter. 



Bring life back into the room with brown furniture using light. This can mean using larger windows or curtains that allow natural light inside the room. You can also supplement light using lamps, fixtures, or even a chandelier. 

Be sure to focus on the dark areas of the room so the dark-colored items wouldn’t wash them out. You don’t need to use bulbs because even light strips or reflective materials can add brightness. Try metals, glass, and other shiny accents that help with distributing light throughout the room. 



A brown couch is indeed a classic furniture piece that every home should consider having. To wrap things up with what colors go with brown sofa, you can choose from white, black, brown, pink, orange, blue, and green. Consider any of these tones and hues for the walls, floors, or other decors to bring out the best of your brown sofa. 

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