What Colors Go With A Black Sofa? The Best Secrets

If you wonder what colors go with a black sofa, you can always select soft or “laid-back” colors. You want to enhance and make the black sofa the focal point, which means you must choose neutral shades. We will also teach you what colors to avoid to give your black couch justice. 

This article will include complete styling tips for black furniture, including how you can decorate a room with black furniture. So without further ado, get your notepad ready and jot these black sofa styling secrets!


What Colors Go With A Black Sofa

What Colors Go Well With A Black Sofa And What Don’t?

The best colors you can use with a black sofa include gray or any similar shades. Going monochromatic is a safe way to decorate black furniture if you’re unsure. However, the boldness of the black couch will also go well with light and pale colors because they will accentuate the dark shade.

You can also use light tones of green, blue, or even mauve with a black sofa to counteract its heaviness. If you want to go softer, some pastel and creamy colors of peach, yellow, and earth tones should work well with a black sofa. You can use these colors to add some life and warmth to space without looking messy having a black sofa in the room. 


Colors to avoid with a black sofa

Light and laid-back colors will work well with a black couch. Therefore, bright colors won’t be your best choice if you’re styling and decorating on or around a black sofa. Avoid shades of red and orange that are too bright, and be mindful of certain shades of white that might create a strong contrast with black, especially with a black leather sofa. 


Can you mix brown and black leather sofas?

It’s possible to use a brown and black leather sofa in one room. First, identify what color goes with brown leather sofa and do the same with your black furniture. Then, you can unify the two by adding a shade of brown or black in the space to prevent tonal isolation. 


How Do You Style A Black Sofa?



You can style a black sofa like a professional by using neutral tones. Paint the walls with soft and earthy colors to add comfort and balance the harshness of the black color. You can also add plants around the room in addition to using furniture pieces with nude shades. 



While laid-back colors work best with a black sofa, you can still style it with darker hues. It’s similar to the monochromatic approach, where you’ll use gray. You can also use navy, burgundy, and other bolder colors as long as you can introduce light and space with neutral tones on the wall, ceiling, or floor. 


White and pastels

You don’t want to get the room too dark and dull, so the secret is to add white and pastels around your black sofa. You can use white walls or white accents to balance the dark tones in the room. Pastels are also a great way to add personality to the dark sofa using such colors on the throw pillows and blankets. 

Here is a complete styling guide for mixing pillows on the sofa


How Can I Decorate My Living Room With Black Furniture?



Black furniture can get too intense and must be your focal point in the room. Therefore, the walls should contrast the dark colors well, but not too contrasting like a bright white wall. Your best colors include light earth tones, pastels, blues, and warm hues. 



For the accessories on your black couch, you can play with vibrancy and patterns. Use silver and gold on the fabrics or even vibrant artworks close to your black furniture. You can’t go wrong with choosing bold colors for accents as long as you already balanced the black with neutral colors. 



Your furnishing for black couch and other pieces of black furniture can also be contrasting to the dark colors. Animal print and textures should enhance the look of the room. You can also add stained and painted pieces with lightweight colors close to the black furniture. 


What Color Curtains Go With Black Couch?

Light color curtains will accentuate your black couch. You can use ivory, pale cream, or even light shades of blue or green with gray undertones. The curtains should bring out the boldness of the black sofa, but not in stark contrast. 


What Color Rug Goes With Black Sofa?

Light colors are your best options for a rug under a black sofa. Otherwise, dark colors will make the room look heavy and almost like a dark hole. You can also introduce some warm tones if you want to play with the existing colors in the room. 



Did you finally cave in and get black furniture for your home? Then you must know what colors go with a black sofa to accentuate it and still make the room look balanced. To recap this styling guide, you must choose light and laid-back colors for your black couch. 

However, you don’t need bright colors that can create too sharp of a contrast with the black furniture. You can even use gray and earth tones with your black sofa. Then, combine some nudes and neutrals for the other items in the room to introduce light to space. 

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