What Color Walls Go With Burgundy Curtains? 4 Best Choices!

Do you want to know what color walls go with burgundy curtains?

When you have a favorite curtain and cannot change it, you would instead change the color of your walls to go along with it.

what color walls go with burgundy curtains

Do not worry if you don’t know anything about color schemes and the matching of colors. You will, later on, learn with us.

Burgundy curtains are beautiful and are one of the most stunning colored curtains. The looks it serves are just so extra.

But then curtains must compliment all the other things that you can see inside a room.

Mainly the wall, as I have mentioned earlier. So it will be the biggest factor for you.

You should know how to choose colors and their hues to pair with your burgundy curtains.


Colors That Go With Burgundy Curtains

It is a must that your color schemes should go along in your room. You can do something about that one.

Rest your mind and worry less because, just like the other days, we will be here to help you out.

It is necessary, so you need to focus and be very attentive in the details and information we are going to share.

You can do this if you have a basis, so we are here to provide you with one.

It is up to you on what path you should choose.

So, what color walls go with burgundy curtains?


Option #1. Scheme

This first option is all about your tonal scheme. When you say the tonal scheme, it is all about focusing on one color.

It will change the color where your whole room will go along with it. As for burgundy, it is a shade of red.

One-color that can complement burgundy best to maintain the tonal scheme is muted rose.

But then these color combinations must be used in specific places. So it would help if you were very responsible about it.

It would work well in places that have a good aura and where the family always gathers.

That makes the room active, and your scheme would fit the area where you would put it.

You can also add frames and more furniture to pair with your burgundy curtains, and a muted rose wall.

Just make sure that it goes along, and if you add other colors, it should be the highlight, or else it will look odd.


Option #2. Contrasting colors

If you want to play a little bit, this 2nd option is for you.

But, again, this is a sign for you to go on what you want to pursue.

You can then decide on your own what colors you would like to mix and match on your burgundy curtains.

An option is to have a color wheel if you want, and with that, you can see the opposite color of red.

That is green, but you will not just pick any green color for your walls, but it should match in all shades and hues.

One thing you can do is to imagine that dark-colored curtains must to with light-colored walls.

In an instance, you can use light green colored paint for your walls, such as lime green.

It will keep the balance within the whole room.


Option #3. Play on neutrals

Since burgundy is a red shade, neutrals would look good on it.

For example, black-brown and gray.

It would depend on your mood and your style if which ones you would like most to pair your burgundy curtains.

You can also opt to have white if you want. You can pair burgundy with lighter shades of these colors.

A cream, light brown would look good and pleasant in your room.

Just remember that light should go with dark colors.

That is to maintain a good balance on the amount of light in the room or else it will be too dull.


Option #4. Hues

This one will be the last option you can take if you want to keep your burgundy curtains with you.

The hues you can play on would be a light touch of blue.

So, as much as possible, use the light color blue.

Gold would look elegant and magnificent with burgundy.

It creates this royal feel for those who see it.

Despite the curtain’s traditional style, it looks elegant and classy, that’s why people opt to buy one.

The decision would still be up to you.

But then remember that there are a lot of things you will need to consider.

You can also opt to use analogous schemes if you want, and purple is the perfect pair.

If you want to explore, you can look for examples of this on Pinterest and all the other ones.

Resources are just around the corner; it is now up to you to improvise and make it look good.

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Nevertheless, that is all.



And this would be the end of this article.

We hope that you had fun and you were able to learn new things with us.

With that, we have answered, “what color walls go with burgundy curtains?”

You can now explore and try to find which one you would like most.